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2021 Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation – TEFConnect Program

2021 Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation – TEFConnect Program. The 7th edition of the Tony  Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation Program Application Portal is Open for Registration. The TEF Entrepreneurship program ideal is to empower a new generation of young Africans to become successful entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneur foundation of Tony O. Elumelu is one of the biggest entrepreneurship programs in Africa. Everyone is eligible to apply for the 2021 Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation, whether you are a startup or existing entrepreneur. The application has commenced, here, we will show you how to apply for the 2021 TEFConnect Entrepreneur Programme.

What You Need To Know About Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship

Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) Entrepreneurship was founded in 2010 by Tony O. Elumelu, with the objective to empower women and men across our continent, catalyzing economic growth, driving poverty eradication, and ensuring job creation.

The Foundation’s mission is implemented through programs, research, communities, advocacy, and convenings, including the annual TEF Forum, the largest gathering of entrepreneurs in Africa, and TEFConnect, Africa’s digital hub for entrepreneurs.

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In other to address the unique challenges arising from the pandemic, lift millions out of poverty, and create sustainable employment across the continent. The Foundation’s Entrepreneurship Programme will empower 1,000 young African entrepreneurs, selected from the 2020 cohort.

The Foundation will also open applications to an additional 2,400 young entrepreneurs in 2021, in collaboration with global partners. TEF leverages its strong relationships in the public, private, and development sectors to drive its mission of creating prosperity for all.

Successful applicants will receive world-class business training, mentorship, non-refundable seed capital up to $5,000, and global networking opportunities. The Programme is open to entrepreneurs across Africa, both new start-ups and existing young businesses, operating in any sector.

The Tony Elumelu Foundation’s $100million Entrepreneurship Programme, launched in 2015 to empower 10,000 entrepreneurs over 10 years, is now entering its 7th year and has empowered to date, over 9,000 young African entrepreneurs from 54 African countries.

TEFConnect Application Duration – Ist January to 31st March 2021

TEFConnect Eligibility

  • You must not be less than 18 years of age
  • You will be disqualified if you have received a grant or seed capital from TEF in previous years.
  • Upload a form of ID (international passport, driver’s license, Residency or Citizen’s Card, Voters Card, Tax ID) in pdf, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif or .doc format

How To Signup 2021 TEFConnect Account

To register for the 2021 TEFConnect account, kindly

  • Open your browser and click on
  • Click on Sign up at the top of the right side of the page, if you don’t have an account.
  • Join TEFConnect by filling in your details, enter your First and Last name.
  • Next is to enter your email and password.
  • Click on I’m not a robot box
  • Then click the signup button.

You have successfully signup a TEFConnect account.

How To Register 2021 Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation

Now that you have signup a TEFConnect account, the next thing is to commence your application. To register, kindly follow the below steps.

  1. Open your browser, preferably Chrome or Firefox, then click on this link TEFConnect Application Portal
  2. Enter the email and password, you used during the TEFConnect account signed up.
  3. You can also sign in by clicking on continuing with Facebook or Google
  4. Click on the box to verify whether you are a robot or not.
  5. Then click on sign in.
  6. Read up the privacy policy update and click on I agree
  7. On your dashboard, click on Application rightly at the top of the page
  8. It will then re-directs you to the 2021 TEFConnect Entrepreneurship Login page
  9. You can change the language to English, French, Arabic, or Portuguese
  10. Enter your email and password, then click on Login to TEFConnect
  11. A security check will be required, access your email to change your password
  12. Next is to enter your new password and click Login to TEFConnect
  13. Click on Programmes and then click on Apply 2021 TEF Flagship Programme
  14. Next is to click on your preferred language and then click Next
  15. Read up the Terms and Condition for applying and participating in the Tony Elumelu Foundation and tap on Accept.
  16. Click Next after reading the guideline for the assessment.
  17. Provide accurate and correct information about your Biography, Ideal, and experience.
  18. Answer the personality and cognitive test. And then the declaration.

TEFConnect will send you a notification to your email after you have successfully registered and submitted your application.

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