Become A GTBank Agent Banking | How To Get A GTBank POS Terminal

Become A GTBank Agent Banking | How To Get A GTBank POS Terminal

Become A GTBank Agent Banking and How To Get A GTBank POS Terminal. GTBank Agent Banking can be referred to as GTExpress or GTBank POS Agent. All these names mean the same thing, so in this content, we can use any of them.

To become a GTBank POS agent is not difficult, so far you meet up the criteria for becoming a GTExpress agent. In this article, you will get to learn; the services of a GTBank Agent Banking, The Requirments, Benefits of an Agent, How To Get A GTBank POS Terminal, and the Benefits of a POS Machine.

A GTBank Agent Banking is that individual in your neighborhood, that provides financial banking services to unbanked and underbanked on behalf of GTBank. The retail agents provide such services in a location such as Markets, Cinemas, Restaurants, Schools, and Supermarkets.

Services of a GTBank Agent Banking

One of the aims of GTExpress is to bring banking services closer to the people in the community. Below are the following services of GTBank POS Agents.

  • Account Opening (Instant Accounts).
  • Cash Deposit and Withdrawal.
  • Customer Enquiries.
  • Bills payment.
  • Funds Transfer Services (local money value transfer).

The Requirments

To become a GTBank Agent Banking, you must have the following requirements;

  • Must have a Guarantee Bank Trust Account.
  • Have a valid identification card like Voters Card, National Identity, or Drivers License.
  • Must have an existing business location.
  • Have proof of your residential address such as Nepa Bill, Water Bill, etc.

GTB Agent Banking Benefits

  1. You will record an increase in sales due to an increase in the customer.
  2. There will be an automatic increase in your income.
  3. Increased access points for Bank customers
  4. Reduced time spent at Bank branches
  5. Ease of transacting via e-channel.

What is a POS Terminal/Machine: A POS is called Point Of Sale Terminal or Machine, it is an electronic device that allows a GTBank POS agent or retailer to receive payment from clients through their debit card (ATM). GTBank PoS terminal provides a convenient, modern & efficient means of processing payment online & real-time as value is credited to the Merchants account within 24 hours.

How To Get A GTBank POS Terminal

To get a GTBank POS terminal which also implies becoming a GTBank Agent Banking. You will kindly follow the below steps;

Firstly, you must have a GTBank Business Current Account, click here to get to know about Account requirements.

  • Visit any GTBank branch nearest to you and meet a customer care staff.
  • Request for a POS application form and agreement form.
  • If your request form is approved, you will be informed to collect your POS.

Benefits Of POS Terminal or Machine

Some of the Point of Sales Terminal are;

  1. Instant confirmation of payment for goods.
  2. Improved efficiency minimizes cash handling and aids reconciliation.
  3. Eliminates the inconvenience of cheque confirmation and clearing period.
  4. Reduces cost of Personnel and equipment for handling cash receipts.
  5. Reduces exposure to lose due to armed robbery or pilferage by Employees.
  6. Increase in sales as Merchant have access to both cash and card-carrying Customers.

For more information, visit GTBank Official Website


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