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Become A Jumia Sales Agent Consultant and Make Money Online

How To Become A Jumia Sales Agent Consultant and Make Money Online. Jumia Sales Consultant provides you with the opportunity to make unlimited money online, and become your own boss. So on this page, you will learn how to join this online platform to make extra income.

If you are a student, civil servant, or an entrepreneur and you want to make extra income from the comfort of your home. Or rather you desire to become your own boss, have your freedom, and determine what income to earn.

Currently, the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in the world has taught us a lesson, that online sale is the next marking technique. You will quite agree with me that, people now buy their wants through online.

Jumia has provided a platform where you can leverage on and utilize it. Jumia offers you a platform where you do not have to work for any boss and earn unlimited income. You can only achieve this by becoming a Jumia Sales Agent Consultant.

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Benefits of Becoming A Jumai Sales Agent

There are a lot of benefits when you become a Jumia sales agent consultant (JForce). Below are some reasons why you should become a JForce agent.

You Earn Money

You make commission selling items supplied by Jumia. Your efforts are rewarded: the
the more you work, the more you earn!
  1. You earn money even shopping for yourself on Jumia.
  2. Zero capital to start which is the bedrock to earn.

You are your own Boss

As an independent sales consultant, you have complete freedom and control over your
activities on Jumia. Build your own successful business. The sky is the limit!
  1. You build a team that earns you an extra commission.
  2. You are in control of your time and how much you can make.
  3. Ability to work from anywhere in the world.

You have fun

Sell and get rewarded for it.
  1. Meet new people & make new friends
  2. Enjoy bonuses a normal customer will not get.
Attend our social events (awards, breakfasts, outings…)

You get trained

You progressively move up our internal scale and get higher commissions. We provide
your excellent knowledge and skills. We make sure that you become a fully empowered
businessman and businesswoman.
  1. Gain new skills and develop your self-confidence.
  2. Fast personal growth and maturity.

Requirements To Become A Jumia Sales Agent (JForce)

To become a Jumia sales agent, you will need the below requirements.

  1. You must have a browsing phone Android or iOS.
  2. You must have an internet connection.
  3. Know how to read and write.
  4. Must have an account number.
  5. Must be able to communicate in the English language.
  6. You need an email address.

Steps To Become a Jumia Sales Agent

Follow the steps below to become a Jumia Sales Agent.

  • Open your browser and click on JUMIA SALES AGENT
  • Click on Start Now.
  • Enter your email address and click next.
  • Enter your password and click Create Account.
  • Fill the registration form and confirmation message will be sent to you via mail or SMS.
  • You will be asked to attend a Business Opportunity Meeting.
  • They will invite you for the first training.
  • Then after the training, if you are successful, they will give you a working tool so as to commence immediately.

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