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Become a UBA Agent Banking – UBA Moni Agent POS Requirements

Become a UBA Agent Banking in your locality and provides financial inclusion services to the people. If you are passionate about becoming a United Bank for Africa (UBA)! then you will have to read this post very carefully. We shall also show you the UBA Moni agent banking requirements, the criteria to become an agent.

One of the major goals of UBA Moni is to make financial banking services more convenient, easy, fast, and very accessible to the people. This is the reason, why UBA Moni is bringing financial banking system services very closer to your doorstep!

Also, in other not to have a communication barrier, the UBA agents will know how to speaks the language of the community very well. However, agent banking is a digital service system that provides financial banking services! through the use of Point of Sales (POS) or Mobile devices to the people.

Moreso, a UBA banking agent popularly known as UBA Moni agent is that individual in your neighborhood or community! that offers banking services to the unbanked or underbanked people on behalf of the bank (UBA). Also, the UBA banking agent earns a commission from the activities and transactions performed for the bank.

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UBA Agent Banking Services

The following are UBA Moni agent services, that you will render to the host community or your neighborhood as an agent, they include;

  • Inter Bank Fund Transfer
  • Fund Deposits
  • URA Payments
  • Funds Withdrawal
  • KCCA Payments
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Account Opening

UBA Agent Banking Requirements

To become a UBA agent banking, you must meet up the below requirements;

  • Have an existing business at a very strategic location.
  • Provide a start-up capital of about #50,000.00.
  • Have a cooperate or individual account with UBA.
  • Provide a valid means of identification, for example Voters card, International passport, Drivers license, or National Identity card.

Importance of POS (Point Of Sales)

POS terminals play a vital role in the success of the new financial banking system policy, and the actualization of the cashless banking objectives. The point of sales contains the following features;

  1. Receiving payments and transacting business.
  2. Payments for purchase.
  3. Balance inquiry.
  4. Accepts all Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Verve).
  5. Other Value Added Services (Bill Payments, Air time vending).
  6. Merchant has access to view transactions online real.

Benefits of Point Of Sales

Below are the benefits of using the UBA Moni agent POS.

  1. Increased Sales: Buyers spend more on cards.
  2. Customer Satisfaction: Cardholders will flexibility of payment.
  3. Speed of Checkout: No more queues, no more counting of bills giving change, or waiting to write cheques.
  4. Safety: With less cash, you are less vulnerable to theft and pilfering.
  5. Earn revenue on ‘Cash-back’ transactions: Buy goods, buy cash.

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UBA Moni Target Merchant

Below are the various target merchant that UBA wants to partner with;

  1. Wholesale: GSM dealers and shops, organized car dealers and repair outlets, FMCG distribution chain, etc.
  2. Any established businesses or stores where there is a trade of goods and services.
  3. Petroleum: Filling stations, Oil Marketers, Diesel delivery services, Gas refill stations, etc.
  4. The merchants must have a permanent address of the business, complete a KYC form, and have an account for direct deposit by the assigned PoS.
  5. Merchants could be a one-man business such as traders, stores, SME, a retail chain of stores, distribution chain large corporates.
  6. Services: Courier companies, hospitals, dry-cleaning, organized transportation, restaurants, fast-food outlets, beauty shops, Hotels, Airlines, Stores at Airports, Travel Agency, Car Rental, etc.
  7. Institutions: Embassies, Churches, Mosques, Schools, professional organizations, etc.
  8. Traders/stores: Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Computer/IT & Allied, Electronics, etc.

How To Get UBA Moni POS

So, to qualify for a UBA Moni POS, you must have a minimum monthly turnover of N1,000,000 or N35,0000 per day transactions. If you are making this turnover, then follow the steps on how to get a UBA Moni POS below.

  1. After you identify a merchant, print the enrollment form from the intranet here.
  2. Have the principal decision-maker complete the PoS request form/mandate.
  3. Scan the mandate, and deliver the form to the nearest business office.
  4. Go to the e-Banking Helpdesk and log in.
  5. Select New Log, and select the e-Banking option.
  6. On Request Type: Select Request.
  7. Class: select POS.
  8. Title: select POS – TAMS (POS Multi cards Acceptance) Request.
  9. After completing the information on the Request page, click Continue.
  10. On the new screen that pops up, click Browse to attach the scanned mandate and submit.
  11. An Issue number similar to IT201206283615 will be assigned for future tracking, and you will receive the Issue number in a confirmation e-mail.
  12. e-Banking Support will contact you for the deployment date.
  13. TAT for Lagos is 3 working days, outside of Lagos is 5-7 working days.

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To become a UBA Moni agent, below steps will guide you.

  • Kindly ensure you have meet up the agent requirements.
  • Then download and fill the UBA Moni Agent Registration Form
  • Submit the form at any of the UBA branch nearest you.
  • You will be contacted if qualify.

We will want to hear from you, how much this article helped you to become a UBA Moni Agent Banking. Thank you for reading to this end.

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  1. Tuduo Birikedi Natty

    Tuduo Birikedi Natty.
    I have open account both commission and agency but waiting for bank to respond my application to become an agent.

  2. Tuduo Birikedi Natty

    I have open account with Uba both commission and agency but waiting for respond to be an agent.
    Tuduo birikedi natty.