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Become An Mtn Agent | Mtn SIM Registration Agent | Become a Supplier

Do you desire to become an Mtn agent and make money? Do you also want to become an Mtn SIM registration agent in your locality? or you wish to become an Mtn Supplier in your country? We shall show you all the necessary information and requirements to become an agent in this post. Ensure you read this article very painstakingly to the end.

Mtn telecom company is one of the biggest network providers in Nigeria and indeed Africa. The telecommunication is owned by a South African and it controls the vast majority of customers in the industry. Due to its wide network coverage and the demands for the products, there are high needs for Mtn Agents across the Country.

The Mtn company has created job opportunities through its agent platform thereby reducing the rate of unemployment. Become an agent today and make extra income into your wallet. The services you will offer is an essential service, this means that customers will be at your doorstep seeking your service.

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However, note that Mtn company refers to her agents as “Trade partners” because you will be partnering with them to offer, and promote Mtn company products and services. Now let’s learn how to become  Mtn Trade Partner (Mtn Agent).

How To Become An Mtn Agent (Trade Partner)

To become a Trade Partner of Mtn, you must have a business location (Shop) either as rented or owned. Have a valid means of identification ( Either Voters card, International Passport, National ID, or Driver license).

Next, is to visit the Mtn office in your state, and request for an agent form from the customer service representative. Fill it with the correct details and submit to them. You will be contacted if you are qualified and also you will be enrolled in training. Further directives will be communicated to you through your contact details.

Image of Mtn SIM Registration Agent Form

Mtn SIM Registration Agent

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To become an Mtn SIM registration agent, you will need to sign up for a SIM registration form. In the form, you will provide the following details; Your company name, phone number, email address, shop location/address, the type of shop you have, whether your shop is fixed to the ground, your shop co-ordinate and if you will like to be a SIM registration agent.

After providing the above details, next is to submit the form. Sign Up MTN SIM Registration Form

Become an Mtn Supplier

To become a supplier, you will provide the following details;

  • Your company details
  • Operational regions
  • Type of offering
  • Contact details
  • Address details
  • Upload the required documents
  • Then submit the application

Mtn Supplier Registration Form

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