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How To Create A New Facebook Account – Facebook Login

This page will guide on how to create a new Facebook account and also a Facebook login steps by steps procedure. Facebook is one of the largest social media community platforms in the world with over billion active users daily. We shall show you how you can create a new Facebook account within a very short time.

A Facebook account helps you to get connected to your friends, relatives, colleagues at work, well-wishers that are staying far away from you. Immediately you create a new Facebook account, you will be able to share views and opinions easily on Facebook, uploads pictures, chats, comments, and do so many amazing things on the social community of Facebook.

To create a new Facebook Account is not difficult but requires you to learn the technical know-how. However, it does not take the whole day to create a Facebook account. In this article, we shall teach you how to create a new Facebook account, a complete and easy step by step method, very easy and simple.

Also, we shall look into other things that are related to Facebook accounts such as Facebook login, How to Set up a Facebook account, What are things to do on Facebook. Now let’s go into the article proper.

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Guide To Create A New Facebook Account

The age requirement to have an account on Facebook is 13 years, which means that you must be 13 years and above to qualify for an account. Therefore to create a new Facebook account, follow the complete guide below;

  1. Open your browser on your device and type or click Facebook Account to direct you to the Facebook Signup Page.
  2. Enter your personal information such as First Name, Last Name, Email (One email address for an account), Password  (must be a strong password), Date of Birth (Day, Month and Year), and your Gender.
  3. Next is to click on the Sign Up icon and a verification message will be sent to your registered email address.
  4. Go to your email inbox and open the message sent by Facebook to verify your email, click on the link to confirm and activate your new Facebook account. Now you have successfully Created a New Facebook Account.

How To Set Up A Facebook Account

Now that you have created a new Facebook account, the next thing to do is to Set Up a functional Facebook account. You can set up a functional Facebook account by adding a Facebook profile and cover picture,  create a biodata and details, adding Friends, and manage your Privacy Settings.

  • Update your profile picture and add your cover Photo;  A profile picture and a cover photo help your friends and family on Facebook to easily identify you and it promotes the sincerity of your account. To update your profile picture or add your cover photo.  Login to your account, hover to your timeline and click on update your profile picture or add your cover photo and select from your photo album.
  • Edit your biodata and your details. On your timeline click on edit biodata and details, fill all the details required to have a well complete profile.
  • Add Friends; Facebook is all about connecting to friends and families. Start accepting friends request from people you know and also start adding friends through your contact list, by their name or via their email address.
  • Manage your Privacy Settings; This is very important to set and manage your privacy settings, so as to prevent hackers, cybercriminals to take charge or control of your account.

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What Are Things To Do On Facebook

Well, you may want to know, what and what will you be doing after creating a Facebook account. This subtopic will show things you are expected to be doing with your account.

One of them is to Post and Share content, post a picture, videos, links, or an article that you want your friends to see on your timeline r share one’s content or image by clicking on the share button.

Another thing you can do on with your Facebook account is to chat with your friends that are online or you drop a message so that when they are online, they will send a reply or comment on their image or write-ups.

Also, you can add events of what is happening, maybe celebrating a birthday, traveling, attending a wedding, etc.

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How To Login To Facebook Account

To login to your Facebook account is very simple, all you are required to do is to;

  • Open the Facebook account either through the App or browser
  • Enter your email or phone number
  • Enter your password
  • Click the Login button.

Hope this article was educative, kindly let us know below.

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