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Create A Business Yahoo Email Account – Yahoo Business Email Login

Create A Business Yahoo Email Account – Yahoo Business Email Login. This article is basically for professionals and business owners that want to improve or promote their online business marketing, email marketing, communications, and sales.

One of the yahoo tools designed to promote businesses and professionals is Yahoo Small Business Tools. And if you want to make use of Yahoo’s small business tool, you must have a Yahoo Business Email Account.

There are so many benefits associate with having a business yahoo email address, this includes but not limited to;

  1. it builds customer confidence and trust while doing business with you
  2. By using your business yahoo email address, you are promoting your business brand among your customers and potential clients
  3. With a business yahoo email account, you look more professional

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Now let us see how to create a business Yahoo mail account, in just a few minutes. Remember business Yahoo mail account creation is free and very simple, so kindly follow the basic steps, and have your account sign up.

How To Create A Business Yahoo Email Account

Below are the simple basic steps on how you can register for your email business account;

  • Visit the Signup Account page.
  • Once the page is opened, kindly click on the signup link, so that the signup form will be made available.
  • Next, is to provide the following details (Your names, email address, and password).
  • Thereafter, proceed to read the Yahoo business email account terms and agreement, if you agree to the terms and condition, kindly click on the checkbox to confirm this.
  • Next, is to click on Create Account below the terms and condition agreement.
  • You will receive a verification link in your email box. You will receive it with the email you use during signing up for the account.
  • If you did not see the verification link, kindly click on the resend email link.
  • Access your email inbox and open the email you received from Yahoo.
  • When you open the email sent to you, click on the activate my account. Follow the next few steps to confirm your account activation.

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How To Login To Your Yahoo Small Business

To login to your account, kindly

  1. Click on this link Sign in
  2. Once the page opens, select a login and enter your Yahoo business email address and password.
  3. Next is to click on the small box if you want Yahoo to keep you logged in.
  4. Next is to click on the Login button below.

How To Create Business Email In The Yahoo Mail App

To create a yahoo business email in your yahoo mail app;

  1. Firstly, you will need to download and open the Yahoo mail app to your mobile device through this .direct LINK or via your Google Play or Apple Store.
  2. Next is to click on the Sign in with yahoo.
  3. Kindly enter your business name email address.
  4. Click Next, and It will change to a business email account.
  5. Next is to enter your password and click sign in.

You have successfully created a business email with the yahoo mail app.


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