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Create A Telegram Account Without Phone Number With These 3 Methods

Do you think, that there is a way by which you can actually create a Telegram account, without using your phone number? I guess you are reacting right now with a head nod. Well, that is the essence of this article, to show you how you can sign up for a Telegram without your phone number.

However, we are not saying that you can create a Telegram account without a phone number. Rather there are ways by which you can do that without necessarily using your own personal phone number.

Telegram uses the phone number for verification purposes, so as to prevent scammers and hackers from wreaking havoc on its users. Telegram sends your verification code as SMS to the phone number, which is for the activation of your account.

One of the requirements for creating a Telegram account is that you must have an active Phone Number. Meanwhile, we are going to show you 3 different ways that you can use your telegram account without your phone number.

Methods To Create A Telegram Account Without Phone Number

We shall be discussing three different methods which you can use to create a Telegram account without phone numbers. You can use any of these three different applications; Burner, Google Voice, and TextNow.

Create A Telegram Account Without Phone Number Using Burner

Download Burner app to your iOS and Android device and then create a temporary disposable phone numbers. This Burner applications works for those residing in the United States and Canada. So if your are not leaving in the Countries, the app will not work.

You can use the app (Burner) to make phone calls and VolP, send SMS and MMS messages. So with the Burner application, you can have a temporary number  to create a Telegram account. You can download Burner app through your Google Play or App Store  to your smartphones.

Google Voice

To get a phone number through Google Voice, you must have a personal Google account in the United States of America and Google Workspace in select markets. Google Voice app is compatible to both iOS and Android smartphones.

Google Voice provides you with a phone number for making calls, sending text messages, and voicemails. You can download the Google Voice through this link to your Android and iPhone

Below are the features of Google Voice;

  • You can customize your alerts and availability
  • With Google Voice, you can easily easily access and update your contacts.
  • Easily check calls, messages, and voicemail
  • With one tap, you can take control of your calls
  • Save time with transcribed voicemail
  • The Google Voice helps you to stay on top of your messages

To use Google voice, kindly download the application to your smartphone, then create A Personal Google Account if you have not created one before. Next is to open the Google Voice app and a choose a phone number.

Next is to register the number on Telegram, you will receive a confirmation code on the number from Telegram. Kindly, accept the code, enter it into Telegram and then confirm your account. You have successfully set up your account and you can now put it into use.


TextNow app allows users to get a free second phone number! however, if you want to have a permanent TextNow phone number, then you have to go for the premium TextNow package.

TextNow only provides users with a free US and Canader phone numbers. And also, its app is available for iOS, Android devices, and Windows. Below are steps to use TextNow free phone numbers to create a Telegram account;

  1. Kindly download and install the TextNow App from your Google Play and App Store to your smartphones.
  2. Open the app and select your area Code
  3. Five different phone numbers will be created by the app, just choose one from it.
  4. Open the Telegram app and then enter the TextNow free phone number
  5. Tap next and confirm the code that will be send to the number
  6. Complete the next instructions and have your telegram account set up without your original phone number.


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