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Facebook Business Page: Create An Amazing Business Facebook Page

There is no better way to market or promote your brand or business than leveraging social media. The role of social media in brand and business marketing can not be overemphasized. Facebook as one of the largest social media platforms, is a marking platform! that any organization, cooperate society or company must make use of.

We are saying this out of the experience, that in this present world of technology where about 2.2 billion active users are on the Facebook internet daily! searching for products to buy, engaging friends and assessing information, etc is a good platform to promote your brand.

Facebook Page – Steps On How To Create A Personal Facebook Page

However, Facebook Business Page is very easy to create, everybody can do that within the shortest time! But it requires skills to manage and grow a Facebook business page. Our purpose here is to show you tips on how to create an amazing business Facebook page that will sell.

Tips On How To Create An Amazing Business Facebook Page

To create a Facebook Business Page,

Login To Your Facebook Account. You must have a Facebook account before you can create a Facebook business page. Sign in to you with your username and password. Click on the drop-down arrow at the top right side and search for Create a Page or Click on this link

Page Type, Name, and Category: There are two types of Facebook pages namely; Business or Brand, and Community or Public Figure. For the purpose of this post, select the Business or Brand type of page. The next thing is to enter your page name, note the name must describe your brand or business. Then select the category your business or brand falls into, select a category that best describes your business or brand.

Add A Profile and Cover Photo; The next thing to do is add your Facebook business profile photo, this helps your friends or client to identify you. However, ensure that your profile photo is the logo of your business page, the design and outlook must be attractive. Ensure you use The Facebook Image Dimension for the photos.

Also, add your cover photo, this is like a physical business billboard. Your cover photo is the first contact of your page, It explains in a second what the page is all about. So you must create a good cover photo, upload it to your Facebook business page.

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Provide Additional Business Details: There is a need to provide additional business details that will help your friends or customer to reach or contact you. Provide the following information, description of the business, email, contacts, address, hours, website (optional), location, add a call to action button, and many more.

Other important Tips to Grow your business page;

  • Create your business page username.
  • Optimize your Facebook business page.
  • Start creating and publishing posts
  • Promote your Facebook page on your website
  • Grow your page by inviting friends and customers to like your page
  • Run Facebook page ads to get more likes.

How To Create Facebook Username

To create a Facebook username, kindly;

  1. Visit your Facebook page from your account
  2. Click Create Page @Username on the left side of your Page.
  3. Then, enter a username.
  4. And if the username is available, click Create Username or it is not available search for another one.

How to Delete a Facebook Page

Be very sure that, you want to delete your Facebook page. Because you will not be able to retrieve it back after you may have permanently deleted the page. If you still want to delete your page,

  • Kindly open your Facebook page
  • At the left bottom of the page, click on settings
  • Then click on General, scroll down and click on Remove page
  • Click on the permanent delete page that will pop up
  • Click on delete ( Delete permanent page) and tap Ok as your page has been deleted.


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