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Has Stepworkstime Crashed – Is Stepworkstime Still Working

Has Stepworkstime Crashed? – Is Stepworkstime Still Working?. This is the question many members of this platform named Stepworkstime! are inquisitive and curious to know. Which is whether the Stepworkstime platform has crashed? or if it is still working?

This question has been a major concern of all the members of the platform. This is because of the inability to withdraw money from the platform. Also, members can no longer deposit funds into the platform.

Well, it is not out of context to verify and ascertain the condition of the Stepworkstime platform. So you are in the right place where you will get to if the Stepworstime has really crashed.

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What Is Stepworkstime?

Stepworkstime is an online platform where members perform some simple tasks on social media account such as Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, etc. and get paid or receive a commission for performing such task.

However, as you all know, Stepworkstime registration is free of charge. So you don’t have to pay to signup for the account on the Stepworkstime website. You will receive a 700 naira bonus registration, once you signup.

The free sign-up provides you with 2 tasks daily with 35 naira for every single task. This means that you will make 70 naira daily. The number of daily tasks and revenue increases when you pay to upgrade your VIPs level.

Below is the cost for purchasing different levels of Stepworkstime VIPs; VIP 1 will cost you 840 naira, VIP 2 goes for 7000 naira, VIP 3 cost 21000 naira, 70000 naira to purchase VIP 4 while

Has Stepworkstime Crashed?

The Stepworkstime has crashed, this is because the official website is no longer loading. That is to members cannot perform tasks nor withdraw their money.

Is Stepworkstime Still Working?

No, the online money-making platform is no longer working. The website has been down for some time now and members can not sign in to Stepworkstime nor perform tasks. The Stepworkstime also has stopped paying members and also no one knows when the site will be back.

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