Canada Business Visa

How To Apply For Canada Business Visa: 2 Types of Canada Business Visa

Canada Business Visa: How To Apply For Canadian Visa. Canada Business Visa policies are designed to attract those who can make a significant contribution to the Canadian economy. These programs are offered with the purpose of attracting investors, entrepreneurs, and self-employed individuals from outside Canada with available venture money, strong business acumen, and entrepreneurial abilities in order to promote economic development and improve the job market.

By inviting foreign citizens who are familiar with those markets and their specific requirements and cultures, Business Class immigration also aims to establish new business prospects in Canada and strengthen Canada’s access to rising overseas markets.

If this option sounds like it would be a good fit for your background and objectives, there are various immigration options to consider. 

Canada Business Visa

Below is the type of visas available under the Canada business visa. There are two types of Canada business visa, they are as follows;

1) Quebec Business Immigration

Under the Quebec Economic Class selection grid for the program, candidates for the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program are given points based on six variables. A minimum of 40 points is necessary to pass, with mandatory cut-off scores of 10 points for management experience and 25 points for financial investment, respectively.

Candidates for the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program are judged on their educational level/areas of training, managerial experience, age, language competence in French or English, stay and family in Quebec, and the Investment Agreement. For applicants with or without a spouse or common-law partner, the maximum number of points allowed is 94.

Candidates that meet the basic requirements for managerial experience and financial investment will only need five more points to be considered.

2) Start-up Visa

Immigrant entrepreneurs are encouraged to expand their businesses in Canada through this initiative. Successful applicants are connected with private sector groups in Canada, where they can get funding, coaching, and expertise in starting and running a business in Canada.

Requirements for Canada Business Visa

The goal of this initiative is to find creative foreign national entrepreneurs who will create new jobs and propel the economy forward.

Applicants for a Start-Up Visa must meet the following criteria in order to be considered:

  • Meet minimal English or French language standards (CLB 5 in all abilities);
  • Have enough money to settle in Canada;
  • Make plans to relocate to a province other than Quebec;
  • Clear security and medical clearances in Canada;
  • Demonstrate that your business is funded by a designated organization and that it complies with ownership rules.
  • Under the Start-Up Visa Program, no more than five foreign people may seek permanent residency as part of the same business endeavor.

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Canada Business Visa Investment Details

A number of venture capital funds, angel investor groups, and business incubation organizations have been designated by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to participate in the Start-Up Visa program.

Applicants must achieve a minimum investment for their Canadian start-up in order to be considered. The investment must be at least $200,000 if it comes from a certified Canadian venture capital fund. It should be at least $75,000 if coming from an angel investor organization.

Applicants are not required to obtain any funding from a business incubator. Applicants must, however, be approved into a Canadian business incubator.

Applicants are not required to put any of their own money into the competition. Individuals given permanent residency through this scheme will keep their permanent resident status if their Canadian start-up fails.

Commitment Proof

The investor organization must submit a completed Commitment Certificate directly to IRCC in order to establish that the applicant has received funding from a venture capital fund, angel investor group, or business incubator. The agreement between the applicant and the investment organization is detailed in this document. Its goal is to compile all of the pertinent data about the investment organization’s and applicant’s commitment.

The candidate will also receive a letter of support from the investment organization, which they must present with their permanent residency application. If two or more candidates are involved in the same business initiative, the investment organization’s commitment can be contingent on one or more “important personnel.”


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