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How To Be A PayCentre Agent Shop | PayCentre Agent Registration Form

To be a PayCentre agent shop, you need just a few steps, which this post will guide on how to go about it. PayCentre is one of the innovations in the financial digital sector. It is an agency banking solution that provides financial inclusion services to unbanked and underbanked customers.

PayCentre agency is transparent and visible in their transactions, they have an excellent support mechanism! and thereby providing quick and lasting solutions to problems that affect their clients and agent. Also, PayCentre agency ensures that the solution is available at all times, in their effort to provide 99% uptime.

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Who is A PayCentre Agent; A PayCentre agent is an individual or corporate organization that has been trained and certified by PayCentre agency! to carry out financial inclusion services on behalf of the PayCentre agency.

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Reasons Why You Should Be PayCentre Agent

There are so many reasons, why you should become a PayCentre agent, the following are why you should use PayCentre;

  • It is very easy to signup, you can register in a space of days, once you signup, the customer care will contact you.
  • Also as a user of PayCentre, you will earn a living as the agency is a profitable business. The agency will do everything to ensure the agents are successful.
  • It has a low and favorable price.
  • PayCentre agency resolves disputes and technical issues very quickly and amicable between agents and clients.

PayCentre Agent Shop Features

The features or financial inclusion services that you will provides as an agent are;

  • Loan Application
  • Funds Transfer
  • Deposit/Cash in
  • Card Activation
  • Card Issuanc
  • Account Opening
  • Bills Payment
  • Recharge Top Up
  • Withdrawal/Cash out

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How To Be A PayCentre Agent

To register, kindly

  •  Fill The PayCentre Signup Form
  • Also enter all the informations correctly
  • Click on Submit
  • Chat with the Paycentre agency
  • Next is to be trained on what it takes to become an agent
  • After the training, you will now become an agent

PayCentre Contacts

  • Phone number; 0700-373-8853-6368
  • Email; [email protected]
  • Address;13 Hughes Avenue, Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos

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