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How To Become A Wema Agent Banking – Agent Banking Requirements

How To Become A Wema Bank Agent – Agent Banking Requirements. Considering the fact that financial needs or responsibilities are on the increase! and also the unemployment rate facing the nation. Therefore, the need to become a Wema agent banking so as to have another source of income and also reduce unemployment in the country.

Wema agent banking refers to as the provision or process of rendering basic financial services! by an individual or corporate organization (Wema agent) to both banked and unbanked clients or customers in your area.

As an agent, you will be saddle with the responsibilities of providing financial banking services! such as Account opening, Funds Deposits, Cash Withdrawals, Fund transfers, Bill payment, Airtime Recharge, BVN Enrollments, etc to underserved customers.

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Benefits of A Wema Agent Banking

There are a lot of benefits attach to a Wema agent, below are some of the advantages of becoming one.

  • As a customer, you will be able to have a bank account without going to the bank.
  • It saves costs like transportation fare, stress, etc as a customer.
  • Basic banking transactions will be effectively done at the agent stands.
  • As an agent, you will make extra income to your monthly or daily revenue.
  • You will be highly encouraged through commissions and incentives.
  • It will increase your sales as a result of an increase in footfall to your shops.
  • Wema bank will provide you with branded materials and tools that will help you to function effectively.

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Wema Agent Banking Requirements

Below are the requirements you need to provide before you can become an agent.

  1. You must have a verifiable existing business structure in a good location.
  2. Must have a saving Wema bank account.
  3. Have a valid means of identification such as National ID, International Passport, Driers License, and Voters Card.
  4. A minimum start-up capital must be available.
  5. Also, a data-enabled Android phone is required.

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How To Become A Wema Agent Banking

To become an agent, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. Click here to download the Wema Agent Banking Expression of Interest Form
  2. Fill the required details in the form carefully and correctly.
  3. Go along with the form and some required documents to any Wema Bank branch nearest to you.
  4. They will documents your data, wait for any further instructions from them.

You can visit for more information.

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