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How To Become A Zenith Bank Agent Banking – Zenith Agent Registration

How To Become A Zenith Bank Agent Banking – Zenith Agent Registration. Zenith Bank POS Agent Registration is a process by which you register with Zenith Bank! to become a Zenith Bank POS Agent Banking representative. As a Zenith banking agent in your area or locality, you will render Financial services to people.

In other to minimize the difficulty normally experience in carrying out banking activities due to the far location of the bank from the rural people. And the cost of transporting yourself to the bank just to withdraw or to make a transfer of fund.

The bank has considered these challenges and difficulties been experienced by its customers and other bank customers. Thereby introducing a form of the banking system that will be closer, effective, and timely to the people.

So the need for this post, to show you what it takes to be part of this financial inclusion banking system. Where you become a Zenith Bank POS agent after registration and make an income through bonuses and commission.

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After your registration and certificate of a Zenith Bank POS agent, you will become the bank agent in your area to perform some basic banking functions such as Cash Deposit, Account Opening, Transfer of Fund, Withdrawal of Cash, Bill Payments, Airtime Recharge, etc. to unbanked and underbanked customers.

Why You Should Become a Zenith Bank POS Agent?

There are numerous reasons why you should become a Zenith Bank POS Agent.

The benefits as an agent apart from rendering services to humanity and making additional income to yourself.

You will also experience an increase in your sales of other commodities or products that you have in your existing business, due to the increase in customers to your shop.

Also, you will manage your cash very well which is Cash Management. As an agent, you will pay those that come for withdrawal purposes form the sales you make and thereby credit your account. This is very important in this period of cashless policy.

Requirements To Become a Zenith Bank Agent Banking

Now the next thing you will want to know is this, for one to become a Zenith Bank Agent Banking, there some requirements he or she must meet up.

Agent requirements or criteria are as follows;

  • As a prospective agent, you must have an existing business, that is you must have a structure or shop.
  • Your business must have been in existence for a period of one year.
  • You mush have a Zenith Bank account that is 6 months old.
  • An android phone is also needed and you must know how to read and write.
  • A hardworking desk or counter personnel will be required to carry out the activities of the banking services to customers.

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Documentation Requirements

If you want to open a Corporate Account, you will provide the following documents;

  1. Utility Bill for address verification.
  2. A valid means of identification such as a Voter Card, Drivers License, National Identity Card, or International Passport.
  3. Tax Identification Number (TIN).
  4. Memorandum and Article of Association.
  5. Two Passport photographs.
  6. Certificate of Incorporation.

To open an Individual Account, you need the following documents;

  1. Any valid means of Identification.
  2. Utility bills such as Electricity bill, Water bill, etc.
  3. Two Passport photographs.

How To Become Zenith Bank Agent Banking

To become a  Zenith Bank POS Agent, kindly follow the steps by steps below;

  • Visit any Zenith Bank nearest to you and walk to the customer service stands.
  • Request for a Zenith Bank POS Agent registration form or application form.
  • Fill the form and submit it back to them.
  • Once your application form is received and accepted, you will be given a Zenith Bank POS machine.
  • Next is to download the Zenith banking app on your android phone and start your POS agency business.
  • Note that it is FREE to become a Zenith Bank POS agent, so don’t pay any money, and please don’t fall for scammers.

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