Photo of How To Become Multichoice Agent Dealer - DSTV Agent Registration Form

How To Become Multichoice Agent Dealer – DSTV Agent Registration Form

How To Become A Multichoice Agent Dealer – DSTV Agent Registration Form. DSTV has become a widely home used Pay Television in Nigeria, South Africa, and many other African Countries. DSTV is an acronym for Digital Satellite Television, owned by Multichoice Company.

Becoming a multichoice agent dealer or DSTV agent dealer as an entrepreneur or business venture! is a lucrative business considering the demands and usage of Pay Television across Africa and majorly in Nigeria.

Nigeria controls about 40 percent of the total DSTV users in Africa! and by extension has the largest market for the Multichoice company pay television (DSTV). In view of these statistical findings, it shows that there is a huge market for the product (DSTV) for dealers or agents.

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However, you need to understand what it takes to become a multichoice agent, the requirements, and the functions of a DSTV dealer.  A DSTV agent/dealer is someone that has been trained by Multichoice company and licensed to sell and install DSTV gadgets to customers.

Types of DSTV Agent/Dealer

There are two types of Digital Satellite Television agent, we have the;

  • DSTV Super Agent; A super agent represent the Multichoice company in their locality (Cities or towns), they are the middle between the end users or sub agent and the company. Also, the super agent is capital intensive to invest, once you meet the financial requirements, you will be licensed as a super agent.

However, the super distributor will be undergo trainings from the company on disch installation, settings and how to solve tehnical issues.

  • DSTV Sub-Agent; A sub agent requires no huge amount to become a distributor, all he needs is to partner with the Super agent. Probaly he may start by doing purhase on demand by end users. He will also be trained on how to install DSTV pannel and to rectify technical difficulties.

Roles of A DSTV Agent/Dealer

The fuctions of a super and sub super DSTV agent are as follows;

  • Promote the DSTV product to people on behalve of Multichoice Company.
  • Provide technical supports to the clients.
  • Sales of DSTV materials to the cutomers
  • Renders customer service support
  • Installation of the DSTV disches by the trained personals.
  • Help to renew or teach the customers how to subscripe for DSTV packages.

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How To Become Multichoice Agent

To become a DSTV agent or distributor;

  • Have a physical business structure (Shop) in a good location.
  •  Get capital for the DSTV Super agent or start with a  little capital for the sub agent.
  • Mutlichoice company will train a potential DSTV Super agent in the area o installation and technicalities while a Super agent will train a sub distributor.
  • After the training and assessment, if Multichoice is satisfied with your performance, next is to Download DSTV Agent Registration and fill the agent form.
  • Submit the form and you will be contacted by Multichoice company.

You can reach them through WhatsApp; +2349082368533 Email; [email protected] or cell phone; +2348039003788


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