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Steps On How To Create Free Blog On Blogspot –

Steps On How To Create Free Blog On Blogspot – We have found out that many people out there want to start blogging as a professional career. But they don’t have money to host a Blogsite or website. If finance is the reason why you have not start your dream Blogsite, then this article will be of great help to you.

Well, it is a good decision if you are among those that desire to start blogging as a career. However, you need to note that patience, interest, hard work, and determination are key to success in blogging. Now, let’s go back to the title of this article and discuss it in detail.

So, you can start blogging if you don’t have money to buy a domain name or pay for web hosting services provide like Bluehost, Dreamhost, A2 Hosting, etc. My first blogging career or experience was a free bog, so you can start a free blog on a Blogspot.

A Blogspot offers you a system or platform where you can configure or build and host your blog for free. Now you know that there is a platform where you can start a blog free, next thing is the Steps On How To Create Free Blog On Blogspot.

Steps On How To Create Free Blog On Blogspot

To create a free blog on Blogspot, you need to follow the below simple steps by step method and create your blog within 45 minutes.

  • On your personal computer (PC), open the browser and log on to
  • On the top right side of the page, you either sign in with your Google email address and password! or click on Create your Blog if you don’t have Google Account and then proceed to Create A Google Account. The reason why you must have a Google account to host your blog or website on Blogspot is that Blogspot is owned by Google and has so many templates that you can use for your blog.
  • Next thing to do is to confirm your profile by clicking on Continue to Blogger.
  • Then proceed to create your blog, kindly click on New Blog.
  • Finally, enter your Blogsite domain name that is blog address or URL (e.g depending on the niche you are want to blog on). Wait till the domain name you choose tick blue to confirm that the domain name is available.
  • Next is to select a template which you can still change it and then click on Create Blog. At this stage you have successfully created a Free Blog on Blogspot.
  • You can now click on Start Blogging.

Congratulations on your new free blog on Blogspot, start writting and publising your unique contents.

In the course of your blogging and you encoutere any difficulty, kindly use the comment section to share it. Please share this article if you see value in it.

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