How To Create A Facebook Reels

How To Create A Facebook Reels: Best Way To Register a Facebook Reels

How To Create A Facebook Reels. Facebook reels are vertically formatted short videos of up to 30 seconds (they can last up to 60 seconds in some countries) that you can discover on your Reels page or Facebook’s feed. Short videos on Facebook allow you to share a different type of content than other Facebook forms, such as posts with links, images, or videos, by being more informal and concise.

What is the Best Way to Watch Reels on Facebook?

Only the Facebook mobile app allows you to watch Facebook reels, In the news feed section. 

You may find them on your profile under Menu > Reels.

You can scroll down to see more Reels, just like on Instagram Reels or TikTok.

How To Create A Facebook Reels

Here, we shall show the steps to follow to Create Facebook Reels. If you will like to make facebook reels, you can simply do that by clicking on the camera and making a brief video.

At the top of your Facebook homepage, in the ‘What’s on your mind?’ area.

‘Photo/Video,’ ‘Add to Story,’ or ‘Reel’ options in ‘Create a post’ from your brand page.

When you begin making a Facebook reel, Facebook will direct you to the recording page, the camera screen, and many settings.

Let’s get started!

1 Light, camera, action…

Before you start recording, make sure you edit every component of your Facebook Reel.

You can use Facebook to add music, adjust the recording speed, apply effects, set a timer, and set a background for your film, which can be a Facebook template or a photo from your Facebook reel.

2 Take action!

When you’re ready, press the record button. Make as many clips as your video requires. Remember that the time limit is 30 seconds and that the video must last at least 3 seconds.

Tap Next once you’ve finished recording your Reel.

3 After-effects

It’s time to start working on your short video. 

4 Attach the facebook Reel

Before you hit publish, keep in mind that you can add a description to your short video, such as what it’s about, hashtags, and so on. You can also choose whether the Facebook reel is public, exclusively visible to Facebook friends, or only visible to certain individuals.

When you’re through setting up the reel, go to the bottom and click Share reel.

You may interact with Facebook Reels in a variety of ways.

Interactions come to mind. Interactions are vital on any social network, and Reels is no exception.

What is the best way to engage with Reels on Facebook?

Give any short video you come across a thumbs up.

Leave a comment if you’d like.

‘Follow’ Reels’ creators to stay up to date on their short video page.

Share it on Facebook or copy the URL to go to other websites or applications.

Saved Reels: it will appear on your Reels page for you to view whenever you wish.

These are the various types of interactions that Facebook Reels can provide. It is up to you to continue to develop the platform by creating good content and encouraging users to connect with it.

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More Information Facebook Reels

The truth is that Facebook Reels is a continually changing function.

The platform has been in charge of ensuring that additional features around this material will be available in the near future, with the following features standing out:

Facebook Reel Monetization is a term that refers to the process of monetizing reels.

Content providers will be able to monetize their Reels and earn money based on views thanks to the Reels Play bonus program.

There’s a catch: this program is currently only accessible by invitation, and the author must reach 1,000 playbacks in 30 days.

It also enables in-stream advertising for Reels, as well as earning the “virtual money” of 

Facebook Stars, which is currently available in other material like Lives.

Other characteristics.

In some nations, as we said at the start of this article, users can record Reels of up to 60 seconds. Something that Facebook will deploy in all regions in the near future.

The ‘Remix’ feature, which is currently only available on Instagram, will soon be available on Facebook. This feature allows you to capture a brief video while viewing another user’s content and then upload it to your Reels page.

It’s comparable to TikTok Duets in terms of the format.

Users will now be able to save Reels in drafts and use a variety of internal video editing tools to get the most out of their footage.

Where Can I Go To See Reels?

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably seen how difficult it is to find or search for Reels. The platform plans to make it easier to find content in the following weeks:

Facebook stories can be used to share the Reels. From the ‘Watch’ area, you may see and create.

Differences Between Instagram Reels and Regular Reels

What are the distinctions between Facebook Reels and Instagram Reels?

Despite the fact that they are both owned by the same business, Meta, and provide comparable types of material, there are some variations between them:

the length of time

One of the most important features of short videos. They decide how the video’s content should be organized.


This function is only available on Facebook Reels; it is not available on Instagram Reels. Both allow you to manually add text and place it where you want it, set the duration, and choose the font and color.

You can also use the captions generated by the software on Facebook, which can come in handy if you upload a video explaining something.

Choose Songs From Other Reels’ Soundtracks.

When you find audio or song that you like on Instagram, it’s normal to utilize it to make your own video. You can record it directly by clicking on the title that appears next to it.

This is not available on Facebook, therefore if you like audio, you won’t be able to use it in your Facebook reels, and if you like a song, you’ll have to actively look for it.


Just as it has been discussed, Facebook reels allow you to upload short videos of up to 30 seconds, which you can as well monetize or use for fun. This is a recent update that many Facebook users have been enjoying, which we are glad to share with you.

Are there things that you still do not understand about Facebook reels? Let’s know in the comment box, and we will be glad to attend to you!


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