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How To Create A YouTube Account – YouTube Account Registration

How to Create a YouTube Account – YouTube Account Registration. This article will teach you how to Signup YouTube account in simple steps by steps. However, before you can create a YouTube account, you must have a Google Account. YouTube account registration is Free and simple, all you have to do is to continue reading to learn the basic procedure to Signup a YouTube account.

Moreso, YouTube is one of Google’s products,  that allows register members to upload videos. YouTube is a video sharing, uploading, and downloading online platform. It was bought by Google in the year 2006,  Youtube as one of Google’s subsidiaries as became the most second popular site.

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Benefits Of Having A YouTube Account

Signing up a YouTube account provides you with a lot of benefits as an individual or to your brand. The following benefits are what you will enjoy immediately you register a YouTube account.

  • Uploading your favorite videos both short and long videos on youTube.
  • You can like, edit, comment, and share videos on YouTube platforms.
  • Subscribe to other YouTube channels and as well download videos.
  • Get the latest happenings in the area of entertainment, music videos, news, movie videos, and sports.
  • Another benefit of YouTube account is that you can rate videos and add videos to your playlist.

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How To Create A YouTube Account

However, we are going to show you how to create a YouTube account on Mobile. This procedure is applicable for Androids and iPhones devices, below are the steps to signup a YouTube account. Also, recall we said earlier that YouTube is owned by Google and for that reason, before you can create a YouTube account, you must, first of all, Create Google Account

  • Now that you have successfully registered a Google Account.
  • Open your phone browser and log on to
  • Click on the Sign In button at the right corner of the screen.
  • Put your email address and click Next.
  • Enter your password and click Next.

To sign out from your YouTube account, click on the profile icon at the upper right corner of the page, select and click on the Sign-out. You have successfully Sign out from the YouTube account.

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