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How To Make Money On Jumia – Start Making Money On Jumia Now

Basically, there are many different methods (ways) by which you can start making money on JUMIA ONLINE. We have been receiving messages from our readers asking how can they make money on Jumia online platform? Here in this post, you will learn the Step By Step Methods On How To Make Money On Jumia.

Jumia is an online platform (Online Market Platform)  where you order or buy a product or item and then make payment before or on the delivery day. There are many opportunities that you can leverage on Jumia and start making cool cash.

However, we are about to teach you the different ways you can make money on Jumia. You need the following requirement to start making money.

  • You need to register on the Jumia platform, so you become a certified agent,
  • Personal Computer (PC) or an Android Phone is compulsory.
  • A network connection.
  • Proide a valid and active email address.
  • Valid Means of ID (Voters Card, Driver License, National ID, or International Passport)
  • A Bank Account

Moreso, one good thing about working with Jumia is that it allows you to go about your normal work or business. You are your own boss and you determine how much you will be earning which is base on your sales.

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How To Make Money On Jumia

Now let see the different methods on how to make money on Jumia online. You can start making money online on Jumia by; Becoming a Jumia Sales Consultant (JForce), As a Jumia Affiliate, and finally through Selling on Jumia.

Becoming a Jumia Sales Consultant (JForce)

One of the ways to make money on Jumia is by becoming a Jumia Sales Consultant. If you have interest in becoming a Jumia sales agent, then click on this link JUMIA SALES CONSULTANT and click on JOIN US TODAY..

As a Jumia Sales Consultant (JForce), after your registration and training, you find your client to order product for, then you place the order, receive and deliver the product and then you get commission for each product sold.

Become A Jumia Affiliate Marketer

You are to advertise, promote and sale Jumia to your customer product through your Jumia Affilate Program and earn up to 13% commission. However, to get started, all you need to do is;

  • Open your browser and click >>> Register Jumia Affiliates Account
  • Enter your First and Last Name, Email address, Mobile number, Country and Website.
  • Tick the agree with terms and condictions box.
  • Finally click on Register. After signing up as a Jumia Affiliate Agent
  • Start  advertizing the Jumia Products using their wide range of  banners, our feed or our deeplink generator.
  • Earn a commission up to 13%, on all orders a customer makes within 7 days from clicking on your ad.
  • You can optimize your performance for a higher return.

Sale on Jumia Online Platform

Register and start selling your products today. Here you can start selling any of your own product that you want. You put up those product on Jumia website and you will be connected to a buyer for possible transaction. However, you will have to Create Your Own Seller Account

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