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How To Report and Resolve A Hacked Facebook Account

How to report a hacked Facebook account and how to block someone on Facebook. Facebook account hacking has become a daily experience by users. It is always worrisome when you find out that you cant access your account anytime you try to. This page will show you how you can report a hacked account and restore it.

There are ways to know whether your account has been hacked or not. If you are unable to know when your account is hacked, you may be impersonated and pay for a crime you know nothing about. So the need for this article on How to report and resolve a hacked Facebook account.

This page will discuss in detail the following subtopics; how to know a hacked Facebook account, how to report a Facebook hacked account, How to unfriend or block someone on Facebook.

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How Do I Know If My Facebook Account Is Hacked?

Well, there are so many things that will show you if your Facebook account has been hacked by scammers or fraudsters. Immediately your account is hacked you will experience the following; post that you did not create will be made, your email or password have changed,  friend request sent to people you don’t know, when you can not log in to your account, and sent messages that do not originate from you.

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How To Report A Hacked Facebook Account

Learn how to report a hacked Facebook account. When you observed or noticed the above-listed changes, you will need to report to to begin securing back your account.  You will need to indicate any of the related issues such as;

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How to Block or Unfriend Someone On Facebook

To block someone on Facebook, may due to one reason or the other, then follow the steps-by-steps procedure below;

  • Go to
  • Click on the arrow button at the top right corner of the Facebook page.
  • Choose on the Setting and click on it.
  • Click Blocking in the left side menu.
  • Enter the name of the person to block in the Block User’s Section and Click block.
  • Choose the particular person you want to block and Click block.

To unfriend someone on Facebook,  type the person named on the search bar at the top left of the Facebook page, On the person profile, go to Friends at the top of the profile and then select Unfriend.

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