List of Scholarships Offered in The UK : 10 UK Best Available Scholarships

The list of scholarships offered in the UK is what you should explore if you wish to study in the UK but cannot afford the cost to study in the UK. Scholarships are offered in the UK by the UK government or universities to both international students and non-international students for being top students with impressive study achievements.

Studying in the United Kingdom is an excellent opportunity to get some of the best degrees in the world. 

However, getting a quality education like this is not easy and cheap. Many students need some financial aid to partially or fully complete their studies and living costs in the UK.

Although applying for scholarships in the UK is highly competitive, and as a result of this, many requirements are put into consideration, your past academic history is one thing that is often considered.

If you can stand out as a top student with outstanding study achievements, you should think of applying for a scholarship in the UK.

But before applying for scholarships, do you know the scholarships you can apply for as an international student? If not, this article is for you.

Exploring the list of scholarships offered in the UK will help you know the best scholarships you can apply for. This article contains the best-known list of scholarships offered in the UK every year.

List of Scholarships Offered in The UK

Below is the List of Scholarships Offered in The UK. They are as follows;

1. Chevening scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to individuals with outstanding academic results by the UK government. British Embassies around the world choose beneficiaries of the scholarships.

Moreover, this scholarship program offers financial aid to study for a one-year master’s degree at any UK top university, with about 1,500 Chevening scholarships awarded internationally during every academic year.

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The benefits of the scholarship include fully-funded tuition fees, exclusive networking opportunities, and access to some of the best quality education in the world.

Successful Chevening beneficiaries come from a diverse range of countries and backgrounds. to find the awards available in your country or territory visit the Chevening scholarship official website

2. The Commonwealth scholarships

The Commonwealth scholarships are offered yearly to students from low-income Commonwealth countries who can’t afford the expenses of studying in the United Kingdom without financial aid.

Recipients are chosen based on their past academic results and their ability to help in developing a better life for those living in their home countries.

The Commonwealth Scholarships Commission (CSC) in the UK offers different scholarships and fellowships; these include

Commonwealth Ph.D. scholarships

Commonwealth Ph.D. scholarships are funded by UK foreign, commonwealth and development office (FCDO)

These scholarships are for recipients from least developed countries and weak states in the Commonwealth for full-time doctoral study at a United kingdom University.

Moreover, the scholarship enables gifted and inspired individuals to acquire the skills and knowledge required for stable development and is available to those who could not afford to study in the UK

Visit Commonwealth Ph.D. scholarships for application

Commonwealth distance learning scholarships

Commonwealth distance learning scholarships are awarded to citizens of particular developing Commonwealth countries.

This scholarship is offered with the purpose of contributing to the development needs of Commonwealth countries by offering training for talented and eligible professionals in major development areas.

If you wish to apply, check Commonwealth distance learning scholarships

Commonwealth Master’s scholarships

Commonwealth Master’s scholarships are funded by the UK foreign, common, and development office (FCDO). It is one of the Scholarships Offered in The UK.

These scholarships are for recipients from eligible lower and middle-income Commonwealth countries to engage in full-time taught Masters’s study at a UK university.

You can visit Commonwealth Master’s scholarships for more details.

Commonwealth professional fellowship

Commonwealth professional fellowships are for career professionals from lower and middle-income countries, to spend a period at a UK host organization working in their sector for a program of professional development. It is also one of the available Scholarships Offered in The UK

To explore more lists and how to apply for the Commonwealth scholarships visit the commonwealth official website

3. UK universities scholarships

One of the Scholarships Offered in The UK is the UK universities scholarship. Top universities in the United Kingdom usually give funding to international students based on their academic results or financial needs.

You can apply for financial aid or scholarship programs at any top university using their official website.

Here are some of the top university scholarships offered in the UK

University of Cambridge undergraduate and graduate scholarships for international students

One of the most esteemed international scholarships in the world is the Gates Cambridge scholarship.

These scholarships are awarded to outstanding international applicants to undergo a full-time postgraduate degree at the University of Cambridge. up to 80 scholarships are awarded each year.

Target: any international citizen outside the United kingdom can be a beneficiary

Value: Gates Cambridge Scholarship covers the complete expenses of studying at Cambridge including maintenance allowance, tuition fees, travel costs, and others.

International Excellence Scholarship at Brunel University

This is a UK-based scholarship that is anchored by Brunel University in the United Kingdom.this scholarship offers financial assistance for international students at all levels at Brunel University

The scholarships are made available to any foreign citizen outside the United kingdom. About 55 scholarships are open in this 2022 academic year at Brunel University.

The International excellence scholarship has a value of £6000 which functions as a tuition fee waiver.

Manchester Metropolitan University vice-chancellor scholarship for international students

Manchester Metropolitan University vice-chancellor scholarships are available to students who pursue a postgraduate and undergraduate degree program at Manchester Metropolitan University

However, the scholarships are only awarded to new MMU students who are seen as international students. The scholarships are not available to current students already studying at MMU.

The Manchester Metropolitan University vice-chancellor scholarship has an estimated value of £5000 each.

Cardiff University vice-chancellor scholarship for international students

The vice-chancellor’s international scholarships are awarded to international students across undergraduate and postgraduate taught levels of study.

Nevertheless, the scholarship is available to full-time students who will be based at the Cardiff campus. qualified candidates for the scholarship will receive the award in form of a tuition fee waiver.

The Cardiff vice-chancellor’s international Scholarship has a value of £2000.

Bristol University think big scholarships for international students

The University of Bristol think big scholarship for international students is open for undergraduate and Master’s studies and it is worth up to £20,000 which can be used in the form of a tuition fee waiver.

It is awarded to help the most outstanding international students at the University of Bristol. 

Students from any English-speaking country who have been classified as overseas students can be a beneficiary of this award.

Transform together full-time Scholarships at Sheffield Hallam University

Transform together scholarships are awarded as a tuition fee discount. these scholarships are for international students starting a full-time taught course.

Nevertheless, it is awarded to students who can display outstanding academic achievement. applicants are expected to explain how they will excel amidst others, being an ambassador for Sheffield Hallam University.

Anglia Ruskin International Excellence Scholarship

International excellence scholarship is open to students who can display outstanding academic and extra-curricular achievements.

It is available to international students starting a full-time postgraduate taught degree at Chelmsford or Cambridge campuses.

The total value of the Anglia Ruskin international excellence scholarship is about £4,000.


The list of scholarships offered in the United Kingdom is numerous but the Chevening Scholarships, commonwealth scholarships, and these UK university scholarships are well-known scholarships offered in the UK.

If you have always dreamt of studying in the UK but cannot afford the expenses, the above scholarships are made available to help you out.

However, not everyone is eligible for a scholarship. To find out if you are qualified for a scholarship, you can visit the UK Council for international students affairs (UKCISA)

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