You are currently viewing NECO 2020 SSCE June/July Examination Date and Timetable

NECO 2020 SSCE June/July Examination Date and Timetable

NECO 2020 SSCE June/July Examination Date and Timetable. The National Examination Council (NECO) has released the examination date and timetable for the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE). The examination date is on Monday 5th October to Saturday 14th November 2020.

Recall that the National Examination Council which is a constitutional examination body that coordinates and supervise all internal examination school in Nigeria. The exam initially was to take effect by June/July but due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria.

However, the examination body has mapped out a control measure plan! that will help curtail the spread of this virus during and after the 2020 June/July Senior Secondary Certificate Examination.

Before we go ahead in releasing the 2020 NECO June/July examination timetable that will start on 5th October 2020. There is a need for all Schools and Candidates to know the following guidelines or processes for the examination.

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Schools and Candidates Should Note The Following

  • For Physical Education And Auto Mechanics Practical Paper I; French, Music, And Arabic Paper IV, The specific venues for the examination should be confirmed from NECO State offices.
  • Practical in Sciences, Stenography, Computer Studies, and Data Processing can be in sets where the number of candidates is large and the equipment cannot go round.
  • Visual Arts Paper Iv [Creative Design] should be given to candidates at least one week before the examination date.
  • Welding and Fabrication, Engineering Craft practice should be given to candidates at least three weeks before the examination date.
  • Nigerian languages (Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Edo, Efik, And Ibibio) include the literature aspect.
  • Albinos and Blind candidates Must be given an extra 30 minutes of time in all subjects.
  • Blind candidates must make use of the NECO supplied OBR customized braille sheet for the examination.
  • Dyeing And Bleaching 1B, Photography 1B, Painting And Decoration 1B, Printing Craft Practice 1B, Leather Goods Manufacturing And Repair 1B, should be given to candidates at least two weeks before the commencement of the examination date.
  • The use of a scientific calculator is allowed.
  • The use of a Programmable calculator or any programmable device is highly prohibited.
  • Bringing GSM into the examination hall is not allowed.

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2020 NECO June/July Examination Timetable

Below is the 2020 National Examination Council for Senor Secondary Certificate Examination Timetable.

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