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New Simple Method To Recover Your Facebook Hacked Account

How To Recover Your Facebook Hacked Account. It is frustrating when you try to login into your Facebook account! and you find out, that you cannot access your account with your email or phone number and password. This always occurs when your account has been hacked by an unknown person or group of individuals.

What these hackers do is to change your login details such as your email address or phone number and password, so that you will not be able to access the account. However, the harmful part of this act, is that the hacker will impersonate your account and use it to defraud your friends on Facebook.

Another way you can know that your Facebook account has been hacked, is when a friend request is been send to your Facebook friends! Also, when posts, comments, likes are carried out with your account without your consent.

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This is the major reason for this article, to teach or show you the basic steps on how to recover your Facebook hacked account. For some Facebook users, they always prefer to open a new Facebook account than to recover the old account. They always think that a hacked account cannot be recover.

However, this article will guide you on the steps to take in other to recover your hacked account. All you need to do is to use the guide below to get your hacked account back.

First Thing To Do When Your Account Is Hacked

The first thing you need to do immediately you find out that your account has been compromised is to log in to Facebook using your friend account! And make posts alerting your friends to disregard any information coming from your account. This will help your friends not to fall to the hacker’s dubious act.

How To Recover Your Facebook Hacked Account

Now, let’s go straight to the main point of this article, to recover your hacked account. Follow the laid down steps;

  • Click on this link
  • From the options, tick what happened to your account and click continue.
  • Click Get Started as Facebook will take you through a few steps to change your password and to make sure any changes to your account came from you.
  • For Facebook to help and keep your account secure, click Continue.
  • Next is to change your password, create a new password that you have not use anywhere.
  • Enter the new password and Re-type the new one.
  • Tap Continue and follow the indstructions to recover your account.

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