Image of OPay Agent - Become An OPay Mobile Money Agent And Get A Free POS

OPay Agent – Become An OPay Mobile Money Agent And Get A Free POS

OPay Agents – become an OPay Agent and get a Free Point of Sales (POS) terminals. The OPay Mobile Money financial service provider is certified by the  Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and licensed mobile money financial service platform. OPay brings financial service inclusion closer to both the unbanked and underbanked customers in their community.

This financial service (OPay) gives you the opportunity and the freedom to earn as much as you can! Also, you will make additional money through commission for every transaction you make on the OPay agent app. With the OPay mobile App, as an agent can you can do the following transactions;

  • Deposit and Withdraw Cash.
  • Pay for TV Subscription.
  • Electricity Bill.
  • Buy Airtime and Purchase Data.
  • Betting.
  • Access Payday Loan.

As an OPay agent, you will earn more with a low transaction fee and also get a free POS. All you need to do is to read up the OPay agent registration, the requirements, and then become an agent to enjoy this amazing financial service inclusion platform.


Below are some of the benefits when you become an agent;

  1. You will make more money as you want and at a low transaction.
  2. Make extra income through commissions on any transaction.
  3. The service provides an instant transaction settlement
  4. It is very fast and its payment is well secure.
  5. OPay service is trusted and reliable.
  6. OPay offers free registration and a Point Of Sales (POS) terminal.
  7. Business Intelligence and Growth Insight
  8. There are rewards and Vouchers when you use OPay.
  9. You will enjoy 24/7 support from OPay representatives.

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OPay Agent Requirements

The requirements are as follows;

  • Bank Verification Number.
  • A valid means of identification.
  • Have an existing business structure (shop).
  • One passport photograph.
  • You will need a Android or iPhone.
  • A proof of address not more than three months prior to registration.
  • Know how to read and communicate.
  • It is free, so no charge attach to registration.

Download OPay Mobile App

For androids users, download the OPay app through this lick

Click this link for iOS users.

To Become An OPay Agent

  1. Kindly download OPay App from the Google Playstore and Applestore for both Android and iPhones respectively.
  2. Supply all the needed information and submit
  3. Start transaction and earn money.

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For any complain or enquiring, you an reach OPay through this contacts; WhatsApp;+234 (01) 8888329 Email; [email protected]


How do I set up an OPay agent account?

  • It’s really easy! Go to Google Play and download OPay. Then, follow the instructions to register your account.
  • After setting up your account, send an email to [email protected] requesting for an OPay agent registration form.

What documents are required to complete my registration?

  1. Your Bank Verification Number (BVN).
  2. A utility or another bill dated no later than three months prior to agent registration as proof of your address.
  3. Copy of your national ID card, driver’s license, or international passport.
  4. 1 passport photo.

Can I proceed with registration if I do not have the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) or business name documents?

  • Yes, you can proceed to register as an OPay agent without this document.

What do I do after registering as an OPay agent?

  • Start sending or receiving money! Remember that you only need the phone number of another OPay user to make a transaction. You can also receive payments from your customers.

Is there a limit on the maximum transaction amount for an agent?

  • You can receive and send up to 5 million Naira daily as an OPay agent

What do I do when I receive an error on my POS?

The following errors are possible to occur on your POS:

  • Communication error
  • SSL Connection failure
  • Wave lost. Try Again

To troubleshoot these errors, please turn off the POS for about one minute, then turn it back on and try again. If you still have the same problem, please send a screenshot of the error message to the WhatsApp group created by the OPay Team for businesses. The appropriate team will reach out to you and provide help to solve the error.

What do I do when a transaction is made via the POS but I do not see the funds credited in my wallet?

  • Please report this immediately in the Support tab in the OPay app. Remember to include the transaction number and a screenshot of the transaction receipt.

How long does it take for a reversal to happen?

  • Reversals on the system happen instantly to the cardholder’s account.

What do I do if my POS shows that the reversal is approved but cardholder’s account is still debited?

  • Please request for the cardholder to resolve this with their bank.
  • Please ensure that the reversal process completes before pulling out the user’s card as this could lead to the POS not being able to read the card or its associated account details.

What do I do when I receive a debit alert but there is no credit in my wallet?

Please contact [email protected] and send the following information:

  • Transaction number.
  • A screenshot of the SMS or email alert from your bank.
  • Including the first 6 and last 4 digits of your ATM card in a message. (Please do not give your full card details to anybody including OPay staff)

What do I do when I am debited more than what is in my wallet?

What do I do when my wallet gets debited twice for one bank transfer but the transfer is only shown once in the receiver’s account?

Kindly provide the following details in the Support tab in the OPay app for OPay agent account:

  • OPay account number
  • Bank account number to be credited
  • Bank name
  • Transfer amount
  • Transaction reference(s)

What do I do when my wallet gets debited and the person did not receive the money I sent?

  • On that particular transaction details page, tap Chat with OPay Support and the details of the transaction will be automatically loaded in the text input field. Then tap send.
  • You can also include a message to let our support team know more about the issue.
  • Please note that transactions can take some time to reflect in your account. If it takes too long, please advise the customer to be patient as it could take time based on the status of the network connection.

What do I do when my wallet gets debited for a transfer but the receiver did not get a transaction alert?

  • Please note that transaction alerts can take a few days to arrive. We recommend for you to advise the customer to check their OPay balance for the transfer before alerts arrive.

What do I do when I mistakenly transfer money to a wrong account number?

  • If you sent money to the wrong account number, we suggest you contact the person of the wrong account immediately to recover your money. OPay is not responsible for money collections during incorrect transactions amongst peers.


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