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2022 Oxford University Scholarships For International Students

Oxford University Scholarships For International Students. Have you been thinking about how you can apply for Oxford University Scholarship? All the information you needed is right here! Oxford University is one of the universities that has been able to attract the attention of numerous international audiences. 

The university consists of students from over 150 nationalities. Oxford University is one where you get the avenue to meet with different people, from different walks of life, and gain new experiences. 

If you want to study at Oxford University on a scholarship basis, kindly read about the requirements and everything you need to know in this article. It should be noted that international students are also eligible to apply for oxford university scholarships.  

In addition, you should bear in mind that the scholarship criteria vary, based on your chosen course. In this article, you will learn about eligibility criteria, fees, admission processing, etc. 

Oxford University Scholarship For Bachelor’s Program. 

If you want to have your bachelor’s degree at the University of Oxford, kindly take note of the Criteria for the scholarship in this article. 

  • The bachelor’s program scholarship is fully-funded and will cover all your bills and funds. 
  • Nevertheless, the bachelor’s program scholarship isn’t going to cover your living expenses, traveling, and accommodation. 

Oxford University Scholarship Application Process. 

To proceed with your scholarship application, you need to fill out and complete a separate form. The form must include. 

  • Course details 
  • Personal information
  • References 
  • Supporting statement 
  • Financial information. 

It should be noteworthy that the deadline for a bachelor’s degree scholarship at Oxford University is the 12th of February. 

There are two ways wherein you can submit your application for the bachelor’s degree scholarship, which are via mail and post. You can choose either of these two to apply. 

You can make your application for the bachelor’s degree scholarship, by sending a mail to [email protected] 

Ensure you make your mail week detailed and straightforward. All you have to include in the mail are supporting documents for your scholarship application. 

Oxford University Scholarship For Masters And Doctoral Program. 

Masters and doctoral programs are other fields that also qualify for a scholarship at Oxford University. 

If you are intending to pursue any of these degrees, you can get a scholarship to pursue these degrees. Synonymous with a bachelor’s degree, the master’s and doctoral program scholarship will cover your tuition fee, and your living expenses won’t be included there.

Being academically meritorious is a core Criterion for the master’s and doctoral scholarship program. You can make inquiries from other beneficiaries of the master’s and doctoral program scholarship from Oxford University, and their academic performance to check with yours to know your stand. 

Admission Requirements

Just like the norms of every other university, you must have been offered admission, before you will have access to apply for a scholarship. Hence, you need to get admitted to Oxford University before you can proceed with your scholarship application. 


Let’s briefly reflect on the admission requirements for the Oxford university scholarship. 

  1. Past Academic Result: Among all other requirements, your past academic result is one of the most vital. It’s one of the major factors that will be used to judge your admission decision. Just as it’s been said earlier, you must be academically meritorious to be considered. 
  2. Language Proficiency: The institution needs to be sure you can communicate frequently with other students and also interact with your lecturers. You may have to prove English language proficiency if you are not from an English-speaking country. 
  3. Medical Results: Medical Result is vital regardless of your nationality. This is to ensure that students stay in a free environment, and can leave in peace. 


Don’t give up on your dream of studying at oxford university, due to financial challenges. Take advantage of the scholarship opportunity, you’ve gotten to know in this article. Oxford University is one of the best if not the best university.

This is one of the dream universities of every student. Kindly give us a shot in the comment box, if you need any clarification. 


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