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Setup Facebook Two-Factor Authentication To Secure Your Account

It is very necessary for you to set up a Facebook Two-Factor Authentication, in other to secure your account from Hackers. Obviously, we understand that so many people don’t know what this really means, its benefits to your account and how to enable it on your Facebook account.

Facebook two-factor authentication is a security check that when set up, will always send a notification to you through text or email address! whenever someone is trying to access your account without your consent.

Also, the Facebook two-factor authentication protects your account by providing an authentication digits code! anytime someone wants to log in to your account and without the authentication digit code, the hacker won’t gain access to your account.

However, if you have not set up Facebook two-factor authentication on your account! and your account is hacked. You can Recover Your Facebook Hacked Account and then immediately set up the Facebook two-factor authentication so as to prevent further compromise.

Setup Facebook Two-Factor Authentication To Secure Your Account

To set up a Facebook Two-Factor Authentication, follow the below methods;

  • Visit the Facebook Website and log in to your account or through the Facebook App.
  • At the top right side of the page, if you log in through the Facebook App, you will see three lines but if it is through the web, you will see a down arrow.
  • Click on either the three lines or down arrow. I will teach you using the mobile Facebook App.
  • Scrow down and click on Settings and Privacy.
  • Next is to tap on Settings.
  • Under Security, click on Security and Login.
  • You will see Two-Factor Authentication, select either to use text message password authentication or app password authentication.
  • For text message authentication, click on Use two-factor authentication.
  • Add your phone number to your account or launch the app authentication on your phone.
  • Finally, enable two-factor authentication. Facebook will ask for a code if they notice an attempted login from an unrecognized device or browser.

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Hope this article is helpful.

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