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Signup A Reddit Account – Learn How To Create A New Reddit Account

Signup A Reddit Account – Learn How To Create A New Reddit Account. To create a new Reddit account is very easy, simple, fast and it is free. All you need, to signup for a Reddit account, is an email address, password, and username. You can also Register a Reddit account with your Google or Apple Account or only email.

Reddit is one of the biggest social media platforms, where members of the forum (Reddit) interact, like, comment, create, and share content. Reddit was founded by two college friends in 2005 and it has over 450 million average monthly active users.

According to Alexa, Reddit is the 5th most visited site in the United States of America. It has over 300 million communities and over 30 billion monthly views. One of the advantages of the Reddit platform is that it will help to promote your brand or business! when you share or create good content relating to your brand.

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Once, you create a Reddit account, you will be signing automatically! Then you need to be active by making comments, creating good posts/contents, like and share contents. Also, before you can join a community or group, your account must be up to 30 days and karma must have reach the require point.

How To Create A New Reddit Account

To signup for a Reddit account is very easy and simple like I earlier said. Now, let me show you how to register a Reddit account. Note that, you can either create a Reddit account through web browser or Reddit mobile App.

  • To create a Reddit account, kindly visit
  • At the top right corner of the page, click on Signup
  • You can either continue with your Google, or Apple
  • You can also enter your Email and click continue
  • Next is to enter your username (Note that you cant edit your username once you signup)
  • Finally, enter your password, the password must not be less than 6 characters. Note that you can only be able to reset your password when you attach an email.
  • Next is to click on Signup ant the bottom of the page and you will be login to your Reddit account automatically.

How To Login Reddit Account

To login Reddit account;

  • Open your browser and click on
  • Click on Login at the extreme right top of the site
  • You can either login with your Google account or Apple. You can also login with your username name and password
  • Then click Login, to successfully login to your Reddit account.

How To Change Password and Email on Reddit

To change password and email address on Reddit, kindly follow the below steps;

  1. Logging to your Reddit Account
  2. Click on the drop down arrow close to your username
  3. Click on User settings
  4. Next is to click on change on either email
  5. Enter your current password, new email and then click save email
  6. For password, click on change password
  7. Update your password, enter your old password, new password, and confirm new password
  8. Then click on Save

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How To Delete A Reddit Account

To delete or deactivate your Reddit account means that, you cannot recover the account back again. So if you still want to deactivate the account, kindly

  1. Logging to your account
  2. Click on the drop down arrow close to your username
  3. Click on user settings and then click on deactivate account
  4. Enter the reason(s) why you want to deactivate your, this is optional
  5. Enter your account credentials (username and password)
  6. Click on the small agreement box
  7. Finally click on deactivate. You have successfully deactivate or delete your Reddit account


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