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Simple Steps On How To Register A Business Name in Nigeria 2021

How To Register A Business Name in Nigeria 2021. Business Name Registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission is now seamless and very simple to do. Unlike before, when it is extremely difficult for you to register your business name. Now, the CAC has introduced an online procedure that has made Business Name Registration in Nigeria, much easier and simple.

As the title of this page reads; Simple Steps On How To Register A Business Name in Nigeria 2021. We shall be discussing the easy guide to business name registration in such a way that you will understand.

In Nigeria Business Name Registration, it is necessary that you note that individuals/proprietors can register business names without the services of the legal practitioner, Chartered Accountant, or Chartered Secretary.

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However, to understand the procedures and processes on the business name registration, you have to read this article to the end and with full concentration. Meanwhile, before will dive into the topic properly, let us look at what you need to consider before having a business name.

What To Consider In Business Name Registration

It is important to know that, not all Business names will be accepted by CAC! therefore there are things you need to consider before registering your business name. Below are some things you need to consider which can restrict your registration.

  • Your business name must be special and unique
  • The business name must not be a duplicate of another registered business name.
  • The business name must not be contrary to the public policy
  • It must not, in the opinion of the Commission, violate any existing trademark or existing business name in Nigeria.
  • The name must not contain terms like Chamber of Commerce, Federal, National, State, Regional, Government, Municipal, Chartered, Co-operative, Building Society, Group, or Holding.

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How To Register A Business Name in Nigeria 2021

Like we said above, registering a business name in Nigeria is very simple, as every process will be online. So kindly follow the simple steps below to have your business identity register with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

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To register your business name; kindly

  • Choose and check the availability of your business name; The first thing to do when registering your business name with CAC! is to have a name for your business and then run a quick Quick Check On The Availability of the business name on the CAC portal.

Once the business name is not in use, it will be approved by CAC and then Reserve for about 90 days! You are expected to have completed your Business Name Registration within this 90 days period.

  • Complete Pre-Registration Form; The next thing to do is to complete the pre-registration form (CAC-BNo1), this is done on the CAC registration portal. Information such as a business address, business description, the business name approved by CAC, name, address, and occupation of the proprietors of the business.
  • Next is the payment of the CAC filing fees; you can either pay the CAC filing fees online or through any commercial bank. Click Here to check the fees for CAC services.
  • Submit Required Documents; Upload and submit all the required forms/documents such as application form, filing receipt, means of ID, etc

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