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Simple Steps To Sign Up New Spotify Free Account –

Sign Up New Spotify Free Account – Create 2021 Premium Spotify Account. Signing up for a free Spotify account is in two ways, it is either through your email or Facebook account. Spotify account is an online platform that provides you with unlimited access to all kinds of music and videos, for your listening and streaming pleasure.

Spotify premium account is an upgrade of the free Spotify account. In a premium account, a subscription fee is attached to it. What this means is that to access the premium account, you must pay a subscription charge every month.

Do you know that some of the advantages of subscribing to a Spotify premium account are that!  you will have access to all the major features of Spotify, also you can listen to or watch music and videos offline.

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More so, you can listen to music on Spotify everywhere with your speakers, in your cars, on your televisions, with your smartwatches, smart displays, Playstation, Xbox, and through voice assistants.

3 Methods On How To Use Spotify Account

There are three methods by which you can use a Spotify account for your listening and streaming pleasure;

  1. You can make use of Spotify’s online music streaming platform by downloading the Spotify app to your mobile device from Google PlayApple Store or and it is available at Amazon Appstore
  2. Secondly, you can download Spotify to your Desktop and then click install to complete the downloading process.
  3. Thirdly, you can make use of your Spotify account through the Spotify web player, that is via the account browser. The link for the Spotify web player is

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How To Sign Up for New Spotify Free Account

To signup for a new Spotify free account is easy and very simple. Like we said earlier, you can either register a Spotify account with an email address or a Facebook account.

To Create a Spotify account with Email,

  1. Open your browser and click on
  2. Enter your email and re-enter the email
  3. Fill in your password and enter your profile name
  4. Select your date of birth and choose your gender
  5. Click the box to answering the security question (I’m not a robot)
  6. Then click Sign up at the bottom of the page
  7. Navigate to your email account, click on the mail send by Spotify to finish your registration
  8. Now, you have successfully registered your new Spotify account

To Register a Spotify account with your Facebook account as another method

  • Click on this link through your web
  • Then, click on the Sign up with the Facebook botton.
  • You will be asked to enter your Facebook info if you have not signed in to your account
  • Next is to allow Spotify access to your Facebook account
  • Spotify will use your Facebook information to create your account

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How To Login Spotify Account

To log in to your Spotify account, kindly

  1. Visit the Spotify login website
  2. Click on either continue with Google, Facebook, or Apple depending on the account you use during signup
  3. Or enter your email address or username and password
  4. Then click Login

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