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Simple Tips On How To Delete Your Spotify Account Permanently 2021

Simple Tips On How To Delete Your Spotify Account Permanently 2021. There have been so many Spotify Account users, asking us through our feedback mail on! how they can permanently delete their Spotify account. You are about to learn how you can delete your Spotify account permanently.

It is very necessary to know that when you successfully delete your Spotify account, it will be deleted permanently and you can no longer have access to the account.  As you know, Spotify is an online platform where you can listen to over 50 million songs.

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Once you permanently delete your Spotify account, you will lose all your followers, your saved music, playlist, and username ( which can not be used again on Spotify). If you still want to delete your account, then continue reading.

Meanwhile, you can either delete a Spotify account through the official Spotify website, through the Spotify mobile apps, or through the Spotify desktop download. So, now let’s teach you how to delete a Spotify account permanently.

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How To Delete Your Spotify Account Permanently 2021

Follow the below step by step to erase your Spotify account;

  • Open your browser and click on Spotify Support
  • Login into your account, enter your email and password or log in with your Facebook account
  • Next is to click on Account
  • Then select the topic that describes what you want! In this case, click I want to close my account permanently, and kindly click Close Account
  • The next page reads we are sad you want to leave us, kindly click Close Account
  • Next, Spotify will want to know, if this is the account you want to close, so Click Continue
  • Spotify will educate you on what you will lose If you want to lose them! kindly click the box that reads, I understand and still want to close my account and click Continue
  • Then come the final step is to open the email registered with Spotify, find the message sent to your inbox, open it, and click Close My Account.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully deleted your account permanently.

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How To Cancel Spotify Premium Account

Spotify Premium account is a subscribed account, but you can cancel the account if you want to do that. Now see the below steps on how to cancel a Spotify Premium account.

  • Visit your Spotify premium account and click on your profile name arrow at the upper right of the page
  • Account and log out will display, kindly click on Account
  • Next is to click on the subscription at the Account page
  • Then click on the cancel my subscription at the Subscription page
  • Follow the information on the can we help you page, Select the reason why you want to cancel your subscription, then click Continue.
  • Click Cancel my subscription on the next page
  • Finally, enter your password and click Cancel my Subscription

Now, you have successfully cancel your Spotify premium account.

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