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Set Up A Spotify Premium Account – Create A Spotify Premium Account

Basic Steps on How Create A Spotify Premium Account. Do you want to listen or stream to an unlimited high quality of over 50 million songs on your phones, cars, speaker etc? If yes, then you must have to subscribe to a Spotify Premium account to access this package.

You can also Sign Up New Spotify Free Account if you don’t want the premium package. In this post, you will learn how to Set Up a Spotify Premium Account. Apart from having access to unlimited musics, there are other advantages of Registering a Spotify Premium Account.

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These benefits includes;

  • There wont be any interruption while you are listening or streaming a music or video
  • You can listen to songs on Spotify premium even when you travel
  • Be able to play offline, this means that you can download songs to your device and then play it at your own convenient.
  • Have access to unlimited skip, so just hit next and continue enjoying your favorite songs
  • You can play any song of your choice on your mobile app, desktop or through the Spotify web player.

Now, that we have show you some of the benefits of Spotify premium account, we know you are eager to know how you can signup the premium account. Note that you will get a three months Spotify premium account for Free after subscribing.

How To Create A Spotify Premium Account

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To create a Spotify premium account is very easy and simple, all you need to do is;

  1. To open your browser and click on
  2. Scroll downwards where you will see different Spotify premium packages
  3. Click on get started for the individual package that comes with 3 months free trial
  4. Next is to login to your account if you have signup one, however if you have not, kindly click on Sign Up For Spotify
  5. After creating your new Spotify account, then you can now login and click on Spotify Premium account
  6. Next is to select your payment method
  7. Enter your Country Zip Code
  8. Then fill your PayPal or Credit Card details carefully
  9. Finally, make your payment for the package and start making use of your account.

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Steps On How To Delete A Premium Account

To delete a Spotify premium account, kindly login to your account and below your plan, click on change plan. You will see Spotify free when you scroll down, and then kindly click on cancel premium.

Follow through to the confirmation message. The date that your account will change to Spotify Free will be displayed, however you can continue to enjoy the features of Spotify premium account.

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