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New 7 Steps On How To Connect Yahoo Account to Facebook

Easy Steps on how to connect yahoo account to Facebook. Connecting your Yahoo mail account to your Facebook account is very possible and simple. We shall also teach you how to link your Yahoo account to your Twitter and Instagram Account.

One of the benefits of connecting your Yahoo account to Facebook is that it helps you to reduce the number of logins to the different accounts.

Also when both accounts are linked together, once you login to Yahoo accounts, it automatically logs you into other accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

It is also a very easy way to track and manage multiple accounts without facing the challenge and problem of remembering their passwords.

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How To Connect Yahoo Account to Facebook

The following easy steps will guide you on how to connect yahoo account to your Facebook account. To link your Yahoo account and Facebook together, kindly follow the methods listed below.

  1. We want to believe that you already have a Yahoo mail account. But if you don’t have, you can  Signup Yahoo Mail Account
  2. Click HERE to Login to your yahoo mail account with your email address and password.
  3. Tap on the Mail icon at the extreme top left side of the yahoo mail page.
  4. Click on the Setting button at the right-hand side of the page.
  5. Select Setting from the options and click on Account.
  6. Under social networks, select Facebook and click Connect.
  7. Tap on Continue as DI and finally, click on OK. Now you have successfully connected or link your Yahoo account to Facebook account.

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Connect Yahoo Account to Twitter or Instagram

To connect your Yahoo account to Twitter or Instagram account is similar to that of Facebook account.

  • Type to sign in to your yahoo mail account.
  • Enter your email address and your password.
  • Click on the Mail button at the far left corner of the screen.
  • Click on the Settings at the left top corner of the page.
  • Choose the setting and click on Account.
  • Select either Twitter or Instagram that you want to connect to the yahoo mail account.
  • Then tap on continue is DI and then click Ok.

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How To Disconnect Yahoo Account from link Facebook

  1. Open your Facebook account and Log in with your email and password.
  2. Tap on the arrow icon at the top right corner of the Facebook page.
  3. Click on Account Settings and choose the Apps icon.
  4. You will see the Yahoo account on the list of apps and websites link to your Facebook account.
  5. Tap on the X icon beside the Yahoo app.
  6. Click remove to disconnect your yahoo account from Facebook.

We hope this article on how to connect Yahoo Account to Facebook was helpfuL

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