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Best University Of Westminster Scholarship In 2023–Apply Now 

The University of Westminster scholarship enables you to study at one of the top universities in London and go on to any career of your choosing upon completion of your degree. But what exactly makes it such an exciting opportunity? How can you make sure you secure one, and how will your studies be structured if you do? The following blog article gives everything you need to know about the university of Westminster Scholarship, so read on to find out more.

What Is The University Of Westminster Scholarship?

The Westminster scholarship is a prestigious award for international students studying in the UK. It offers financial assistance to those who may not otherwise be able to afford university fees. There are two levels of funding – £5,000 per year (£10,000 in total) or £3,000 per year (£6,000 in total). The first level will cover tuition fee and maintenance; the second level will cover tuition fee and accommodation only.

Does University Of Westminster Offer Full Scholarships For International Students?

The University of Westminster Scholarship is well-known for its strong international presence, with over 16% of the student body coming from overseas. There are many scholarships available to international students, but they vary depending on the degree programme you wish to study and your nationality. Some scholarships require a personal statement or an essay about your reasons for choosing that particular university.

In this post I will be looking at full scholarships for international students, as well as some other popular scholarship programmes. I will also be taking a look at what differentiates undergraduate vs graduate scholarships.

Bachelors Scholarships – In order to apply for undergraduate level awards, applicants must have achieved excellent grades in their A Levels or equivalent qualification. For those who come from countries outside the EU/EEA, there are also two competitive Access Bursaries which award funds based on academic merit regardless of household income. It’s important to note that these bursaries do not cover tuition fees. However, should you be successful in receiving one of these prestigious bursaries, then a living stipend may also be awarded and this does cover the cost of accommodation in addition to travel costs associated with studying abroad.

Requirements For University Of Westminster Scholarship 

For example if you have completed your degree in a country where English is not the main language, or if you have completed secondary school/college education where English was not the main teaching medium. If this is not possible then they can assess your application based on your TOEFL score or IELTS test results instead.

Does University Of Westminster Offer Full Scholarship?

Full scholarships are available to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and books. They’re awarded on the basis of academic excellence and financial need. There are two types of full scholarships – University Awards and College Awards. The University awards are open to all international students irrespective of their course or institution preferences while college awards are given only to those who have applied for a particular course at the university or a particular college within the university. 

A £2,000 book grant is also offered to help with purchasing books and equipment.  There are four scholarship categories namely; International Scholarships, Freshmen Scholarships, Transfer Scholarships and Undergraduate Scholarships with specific criteria for each. 

For example, undergraduate scholarships are divided into three areas – Arts & Humanities, Law & Social Sciences and Science & Technology.

The application process consists of an online application form which followed by two essays based on two subjects. Applicants must demonstrate how they meet the eligibility criteria for the scholarship as well as how they will use it once they have received it. You can also apply here on their official website.

What Is The Application Process?

All applicants will be asked to upload a video of themselves answering a set of questions. The video should be no longer than five minutes and the answers can be as long as they want. Applicants will also need to supply a written statement outlining their reason for applying, their academic achievements, and any other information they think is relevant. 

There are no restrictions on what applicants can write in their statement so this is where they should get creative and showcase their personality. There is no limit on how many scholarships an applicant can apply for. The scholarship committee will select 10 finalists from all the entries and these finalists will be invited to Westminster College in Oxfordshire for interviews before a winner is chosen.

Those interested in applying must submit a video of themselves with the following headings- What is your name? Where are you studying or working? Why do you want to attend University Of Westminster? What has been your greatest achievement? What does success mean to you? What does failure mean to you? What are your goals for the future? Please tell us about something that has happened which made you happy.

Conclusion On University Of Westminster Scholarship 

The University of Westminster scholarship is a world-class institution with a diverse student population that is committed to academic excellence. If you want to study in an environment where you can be challenged and grow, the University of Westminster may be for you. Check out the scholarship page on their website or contact them directly if you are interested. 

The full range of scholarships available at Westminster means there’s something for everyone. One thing to consider is what kind of university experience you would like. Do you want something academically rigorous and rewarding? A more laid back environment? Ask yourself these questions when looking at the scholarships on offer to make sure it will fit your needs! I would recommend reading up on all the scholarships before deciding which one might be right for you. I hope this information has been helpful.

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