Urgent Visa Application To Dubai In 2022–Apply Now

When applying for a visa application to Dubai, there are many things you need to take into consideration in order to ensure that you are fully prepared. If you want to make sure that your application goes through smoothly, this Visa Application To Dubai step by step guide will help you cover all of the bases and answer all of your questions, so you know exactly what you need and when you need it. Keep reading to find out more


Get All Necessary Documents

 U.S. Citizens are required to present a passport that is valid for six months after the completion of their travel to be able to enter the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Passports must also have at least two empty pages in order to be used when entering and exiting the UAE. 

All visitors’ passports must match their visa type, unless they have an E-visa which can be applied for without a passport. Visitors from countries not requiring visas will need to provide documentation from their consulate or embassy proving that they do not require a visa. For those who do require visas, please consult your consulate for details on what documents you need and what fees apply.

There is a list of different types of visas with their corresponding fees. The fee will vary based on the visa’s duration, whether it is single or multiple entry, and whether it includes round-trip transportation to Dubai (for tourists).

 If applicable, attach payment confirmation for the appropriate amount. Be sure to print off this page as well as any other pages that require additional signatures/information when submitting your completed application. Complete your online application, Enter the required personal information and attach a photo of yourself.

 If you don’t have an existing account, create one by entering information such as name, address, city, state, zip code and phone number. Select business purposes for the Visa Type and select short term duration of stay. 

The application fee is 100 AED which must be paid in order to complete the process. You will receive an email once the application has been submitted with a reference number that can be used to track progress of your application through email or website. Once the visa is approved it can take up to 2 weeks from when the payment was made for it to arrive at your mailing address, so plan accordingly.


Complete Your Payment For Visa Application To Dubai 

If you are applying for a visit visa to Dubai, it is a good idea to have all the documents in order before you apply. There are two ways of doing this; in person or by post. Both forms require documents including passport, 4×6 photos, invitation letter, itinerary and travel plans for your stay in the UAE. 

The difference between the two methods is that if you complete your application in person, then one of our officers will take your fingerprints on an electronic fingerprint scanner as well as photograph them with a digital camera. If applying by post, these steps are not necessary. The fee for each form also varies depending on whether it’s online.


Prepare your Documents According To Application Guidelines

Documents required for a visa application to Dubai are listed on the official website of the Dubai immigration department. These documents are a Valid Passport, a Permanent Residence Certificate, and an Emirates ID card. Original copies of all three documents must be submitted in order to apply for a visa. Additional requirements may include two passport photos, proof of ties with the home country (i.e., proof of income), etc. If you do not have these original documents, you will need to get them from your home country before proceeding with your visa application to Dubai.

How Much Is The Dubai Visa Application Fee?

Dubai immigration law states that citizens of countries such as India, the United States, and Malaysia will have to pay a fee of Dh600 for a single entry visa and Dh750 for a multiple entry visa. For residents of other countries such as Canada, China, France and South Africa, visas cost Dh150 for single entry and Dh200 for multiple entries.

Residents of countries such as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary and Ireland will have to apply from their country’s local embassy. The exact process varies by country but applicants can expect to wait at least two weeks before they receive a response on whether or not they are eligible for a visa. Some countries will require further information including passports, bank statements and proof of employment so it is important to research this before applying.

Can We Apply for A Visa Online For Dubai?

Yes, visa applications for Dubai can be done online. Applicants need to apply for a visa by completing an application form, submitting copies of valid documents and paying the necessary fees. The applicant may also need to provide other documents depending on the type of visa he/she needs. Instructions on how to complete the application form and who needs to complete it are given in this step-by-step guide. You can apply here online.

  • Check whether you have all the required documentation 
  • Complete your application form

How Can I Get A Visa To Dubai?

Follow the detailed below step by step guide on applying for a tourist visa to Dubai: 

  •  Consider which city in UAE you would like to go and apply accordingly. For example, if you would like to go to Abu Dhabi, consider visiting the Abu Dhabi website or the Muscat website. 
  •  Complete the online form available at their website 
  • Include flight itinerary with dates and a copy of your passport in your application submission for ease of verification purposes.
  •  Wait up to 10 days for your application to be processed


Conclusion On Visa Application To Dubai  

Therefore, the summary is a visa application to Dubai. You need to fill out the visa application form with some personal information. Apart from that, you also need to attach copies of identity and work permits which are valid for a minimum of two years. Once submitted, you may go ahead and buy your ticket and visit the country as you have already been granted a tourist visa in advance.

The process is not that complicated if you follow this step by step guide. Make sure to be accurate while filling out the forms or else you will have to resubmit them all over again. All said and done, there is no harm in trying as this would only take about five minutes of your time. However, make sure to pay attention to all the details on the application form. If there is anything unclear then do contact their helpline before submitting it.

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