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Work And live In Dubai: How To Apply For Latest Work Visa In Dubai 2022

Work and live in Dubai, has been making headlines across the world in recent years due to its rapid development and even faster transformation into one of the world’s leading financial and business hubs in the world.

As such, there are some things you should know before you get started on your Dubai journey, especially if you intend to work in live in dubai. Read on for everything you need to know about work and live in Dubai

Why Work And Live In Dubai

Do you want to work and live in Dubai because it is an amazing city with year-round sunshine, incredible architecture, and endless opportunities? If so, then Dubai is the place for you! With a booming economy and abundant job opportunities, it’s easy to see why many people are moving there. 

As a matter of fact, many of these people are not even from the United States! But what does it take to get a visa? The best way to find out if you’re eligible is by reaching out to your consulate or embassy. All that being said, here are some steps on how to move there!

  • Get a job offer
  • Get a visa 

What You’ll Need: The first thing you’ll need when looking for jobs in Dubai is a residence permit. There are different types available, but most American citizens will have to apply for the non-citizen category which is valid for one year and renewable thereafter.

How To Apply For A Work Visa In Dubai

Whether you’re looking for a change of scenery or a new adventure, working in Dubai is an experience like no other. If you’re planning on making the move, here’s what you need to know about the application process. 

First off, it’s not as easy as showing up at the airport with your passport; there are a few things you need to take care of before you apply for your work visa. First and foremost, if you don’t have a degree from an accredited university in your home country, then chances are that any job opportunity will be out of reach.

You’ll also need to provide copies of any documentation you can get a hold of (like birth certificates, diplomas and passports) to prove that your educational qualifications are valid. Most importantly, however, is proof of employment – you’ll need a certificate from your employer stating that they will hire you once you receive the work visa.

Once you’ve gathered all these documents, then you’re ready to head over to your nearest embassy. Just remember: these requirements may vary depending on the company you plan on working for and the type of occupation you want. You can also apply for a work permit.

How Much It Costs To Relocate For Work In Dubai

Relocating to Dubai for work can be a great opportunity to earn a high salary and experience a new culture. However, it’s important to be aware of the cost of living in Dubai before making the move. 

Here’s what you need to know about what you’ll pay for housing, transportation, food, entertainment and more in Dubai.  The average rent for an apartment is about $2,000 per month Food prices are about the same as they are back home (roughly $300 per month) a round-trip flight from JFK airport is around $1,500-$2,000 each way.

Types of Jobs Available In Dubai

  • If you’re looking for a new challenge and want to earn tax-free income, then work and live in Dubai could be the perfect opportunity for you. But before you make the move, it’s important to know a few things about working and living in this vibrant city.

First of all, if you are an Indian national, then your visa will not allow you to work and live in Dubai. For citizens of other countries such as Australia or Canada who wish to work there, they will need a company sponsor who can give them an ‘expatriate package’. Although some people are given work visas on arrival into Dubia; for most people who arrive without one (and don’t have any special skills), their employer has to apply for one on their behalf.

When applying for a work visa, the employer needs to demonstrate that no suitable Emirati is available for the position. So what does this mean? Well basically, employers are only able to hire foreigners if no native Emirati candidate is available, which isn’t always the case.

Cheapest place To Live And Work In Dubai 

If you’re looking for an affordable place to live and work in Dubai, consider these options.

  • Al Barsha: Al Barsha is a residential area located in western Dubai. It’s one of the newer neighborhoods in the city, and it’s known for being affordable. There are plenty of apartments and villas available for rent, and the cost of living is relatively low.
  • Bur Dubai: Bur Dubai is a historic district located on the west bank of the Dubai Creek. Like Al Barsha, it has some cheaper options for housing, but there are also luxury condos that can be rented or purchased. The rental prices depend on what type of property you want, so make sure to do your research beforehand. In general, prices range from 5-10% less than those found elsewhere in Dubai. 
  • Umm Suqeim: Umm Suqeim is another older neighborhood with more affordable housing. Properties vary considerably depending on where they are situated within the neighborhood, so shop around before making any decisions.

Agency That Process For Work And Live In Dubai 

The best way to find work and live in Dubai is through an agency that specializes in finding employment for foreigners. These agencies will have a good understanding of the visa process and can help you find a job that matches your skillset.

An important thing to remember is that it’s illegal for agencies or employers to charge you any fees when applying for a work permit. If someone asks you for money, they are not working with the government.

Some of these scams include giving you a bank account number and asking for your salary to be deposited into this account so the employer doesn’t have to pay taxes on your salary, asking for fees upfront before you start work, and requesting a transfer fee before transferring you abroad.

You should never give anyone any personal information like bank details or passwords until they’ve given some form of identification as well as proof that they’re an actual agency.

There are many opportunities for expats to work in this city. Here are some of the most popular industries: check it out, Construction, IT, engineering, oil and gas, accounting, banking and finance.  If you’re not sure what industry is right for you, it’s best to research which fields offer more jobs in Dubai (some sectors have higher demand than others).

For example, if you want to work in engineering, an increasing number of companies need people with that skill set so it would be wise to focus on getting your education before coming here. On the other hand, construction jobs can be found all over Dubia so if you don’t know where else to start your search then that might be a good place for you.

Finding Accommodation

up on arrival for work and live in Dubai. It’s a good idea to stay in an apartment until you’ve found a suitable home because if your visa is terminated due to living arrangements, it could take some time for the company to process the new visa application.

 The government doesn’t allow the purchase of property by foreigners, so you need a sponsor, who will lease or sell you a property, depending on their own rules.

You’ll need to pay an initial deposit which will then be used as part of the total sale price. There are many reputable agents but they tend to work with people they know well or work closely with- so do make sure you find someone that you trust before signing anything.

Conclusion On Work And Live In Dubai

Overall, work and live in Dubai is an amazing experience that everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. The city has so much to offer its residents, from incredible job opportunities to a truly unique culture.  If you’re thinking about making the move to Dubai, go for it! You won’t regret it. Just make sure you do your research beforehand and learn what’s necessary before heading over. Good luck.

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